Sunday , July 25 2021

Suspension of tractor trailers carrying "monsters" is not permitted

Functional strength detects top traction vehicles having special traffic permits on Highway 19 and Highway 1A passing through Binh Dinh Province to carry bonsai trees, while drivers do not have valid SIMs. In particular, the multi-bloom tree has all the paper and its origin but has more height and length than specified.

Suspension of animal carriage trailers without permission - Photo 1.

Multi-plucked trees are full of paper, but the height and length exceed the rules of the car

Initially, Dinh Cong Vinh's driver claimed to carry these multi trees from Dak Lak to Ninh Binh for a businessman. At present, the tractor is being temporarily detained at the Anak Tay bus terminal (Tay Son district) for handling according to regulations.

Image: D.Anh

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