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"Tei" Dybala £ 105 million for Real-Football 24h

Thursday, February 14, 2019 00:15 (GMT + 7)

The appearance of Cristiano Ronaldo is like the "third person" who intervenes in the love between Dibala and Juventus. Before the current scene, the Spanish press believed that there would be one person to leave.

Ronaldo's best performance in Sassuolo – Juventus

The beautiful charm between Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus make Italian newspapers use all the words to describe it. Immediately after the arrival of Serie A, the Portuguese superstar continued to sublimate, recorded 18 hits and 7 assists helped Lao's grandmother approach the 8th Scudetto.

Juventus little Ronaldo: Goddess

Ronaldo celebrates with the style of Dibala

However, the superiority of the Ronaldo accidentally causing the stars in Turin to be overshadowed. Among them are Paulo Dabala, who is played by CR7 for a supporting role this season.

With Sassuolo's victory, after raising the score to 2: 0, Ronaldo also expressed sympathy for Dibala when he was celebrating the way to the mask. However, according to the AS revelation, this only makes the Argentine striker more clumsy on the bench.

With the remaining 7 minutes in the last two Juventus matches in Serie A, DiBalla is really angry and is likely to predict separation.

Tutto Sport even likes Dybala as a "diamond that turns into a stone" and considers it a long failure in the Argentine career when it was lost to Juventus.

At the moment, coach Max Allegri tries to calm Diballa with stories about tactics. But whatever you say, the relationship between the teacher of Italy and his disciple is not as good as before, after the appearance of the third person, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Against Dybala, who did not mean Juventus, AS revealed that the Argentine star would soon become Real's rookie at a £ 105 million transfer price.

For a long time, President Florentino Perez admired the Dibble's talent and style of play. If it is possible to return to the 25-year-old star, Real will have a new symbol on the Royal team and will become a heavyweight partner with Barcelona Lionel Messi in the near future.

Juventus little Ronaldo: Goddess

Dibala will be the one to leave

Just for Real and Juventus, both sides often have players in the past, the most popular deal. Cristiano Ronaldo last summer. Consequently, Juve's ability to sell Real's Dybala is entirely possible.

In addition, the real attack midfielders such as Isco, Bale, Asensio … are a rather volatile way. Meanwhile, Modric and Toni Kroos also show signs of age. If Dybala landed, it would definitely be a new light source to help Real get back to flourish.

Ronaldo explodes 4 goals / 4 games The Golden Boot: Messi shakes on

Ronaldo follows Messi in the race for the European gold boot.

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