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Thanks to Coach Park Hang-seo, Cong Phuong Receives Quick Korean Vietnamese Football Visa

As planned, the launch of the striker Cong Phuong was organized by the Incheon United Club on a very special day: Valentine's Day 14.2.

However, due to the New Moon feast, it was not until November 11, the new offices are open, this young striker can apply for an entry visa at the Korean Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City. ,

In theory, at normal resolution time, your account will need almost 1 week of review. The Cong Fungong case is different, but according to the latest news he will receive a visa in the morning of March 13th.

Unlike other clubs, Inchon is the third largest city government in South Korea as a major shareholder, along with major sponsors, Sinhan Bank and Incheon International Airport.

Not surprisingly, this club will take full advantage of its benefits to help Cong Phuong introduce its maximum reduction procedures, all of which will match the launch date of 14.2.

On the other hand, Cong Phuong also benefits much from the effect of Mr. Park Hang-seo.

Thanks to Park Han-seo coach, Kong Fuong received a Korean visa for quick enrollment - picture 2

Cong Phuong and Tien Linh during the Pre-Asia Asian Cup final match against Japan Ngoc Linh

According to Korean Ambassador to Vietnam, Kim Do-chion Tan NienMr Park is an important reason in historical progress: giving 5-year visas to Vietnamese citizens in three major cities, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang.

Kim confirmed that the love of Vietnamese people with the Hang-seo Coaching Park shook the Korean government.

Mr Park is one of two reasons why the country has reached a "revolution": Vietnam is the first country in Southeast Asia to have a 5-year visa for citizens in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang.

Korea is also the first developed country to apply this special policy to Vietnam.

Thanks to Coach Park Hang-seo, Cong Phuong received a fast Korean visa - picture 3

Coach Park Hang-seo is a special bridge in the history of diplomatic, sporting and football relations between Vietnam and Korea Ngoc Linh

"At the moment, the Vietnamese have a special love for the Hang-seo coaching park.

This has moved the Korean government and this is an act of responding to the feelings of the Vietnamese people with the Korean coach, "Kim said.

Cong Phuong is expected to get a working visa before arriving in Korea to join Incheon United under a one-year loan agreement.

He will attend the opening ceremony on February 14, Valentine, a witness to Mr. Park Hanseo, who was a special bridge to help him enjoy the priority of fast procedures.

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