Thursday , June 17 2021

The 25-year-old boy makes "spoken gloves" for deaf people

Wanting to talk with her deaf granddaughter, Roy Adela invented a glove that reads the handwriting language and automatically becomes a voice.

The Kenyan man said his motivation to create this device was love with his deaf granddaughter. She is only 6 years old and has always had difficulty talking with people, even with her parents.

"Not everyone knows the handwriting tongues. This glove can turn those characters into a voice, "Allaah said.

The 25-year-old boy makes spoken gloves for deaf people

Gloves fitted with sensors to detect finger movement. photo: Bored panda

I follow Nairobi Newsthe device, called Sign-IO, is equipped with a sensor that detects the movement and curvature of the fingers, transforming each movement into symbols.

Allela programmed a phone application to connect gloves via Bluetooth connectivity. Thanks to the application, all the translated words become voices, allowing the deaf to speak. In addition, users can set language, gender, and voice pitch. Accuracy can reach 93%.

"When I wear it, the gloves will be in contact with my or my phone. As I walk around, I can understand what she said.

Allaah said the important success of gloves was the speed of turning hand movements into speech.

"Everyone will talk at different speeds, so the users of the language will benefit, and I have weakened the speed of communication so everyone can use it," he said.


Adela is in the process of improving her gloves to become more precise. photo: Nairobi News

This invention has received the Hardware Traiblazer Award from the American Society of Engineers-Engineers in 2017. Allela said that using the bonus to improve the equipment for smarter gloves can be guessed with more accurate symbols.

He said: "My gloves will eliminate the sadness in hearing impaired people and people who have difficulty communicating, and I hope this device will change their lives."

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