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The bag "deprives" of amazing targets in Japan

Striker Daiki Sugioka from Shonan Bellmare is deprived of a valid and unfairly-awarded goal by Judge Yumoto Yamamoto despite the favorable viewing angle but can not yet see.

31 minutes into the game, Daiki Sugioka came close to leveling the score with a dangerous shot from the center of the penalty area, giving the ball to Urawa Red Diamonds but the ball went wide. 1m. Ironically, the ball bounced into the inventory bag to get close to the net immediately, prompting the judge to mistakenly believe that the ball had hit the side of the column on the other side and was not yet in the net.

The bag deprives the amazing goal of the Japanese tournament - 1

The ball went into the net nearly 1 meter, but Judo Yamoto Yamamoto still could not see it

The situation is even more ironic when Urava goalkeeper Reiadman Nishikawa saw the ball in the net and desperately tossed the ball but the Urawa Red Diamonds did not hear the judge play, so the situation was unfolding. lightning fast counterattack and almost scored naked in a minute.

For the stupid mistake of J.Magague Jamaot, it is said that it is very rare and fun when J.League classifies her as one of the biggest leagues in Asia.

However, after the game is over, Shonan's club is not judging for lacking a valid goal when he successfully backed up and won 3-2 home at Urawa Red Diamond.

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