Sunday , June 13 2021

The best stars in Vietnam at Hanoi FC will face Manchester United's former star

Bangkok United Highlights 0-1 Hanoi FC

On the night of February 12, FC Hanoi defeated Bangkok's club by 1-0 in the second qualifying match of the Asian Champions League. Striker captain Nguyen Van Kayett scored the only goal in the match with 11 meters in the first minute of the time of the injury.

Victory helps teachers and coaches Chu Din Ngiem to reach the final qualification grade. They will face Shandong Luo, a very strong opponent. The team is ranked 3rd in the Chinese National Championship – the Chinese Superleague 2018 has a lot of stars as a forward who once wore Brazilian team, Diego Tardelli or Italian striker Graziano Pele.

Last, Shandong Lunen has won success with Manchester United star Marwan Felani. However, the Belgian national player is injured, his ability to recover to face the top stars in Vietnam, such as Duy Manh, Van Hau or Quang Hai, is not high.

Vietnam's top stars in Hanoi are about to face former Manchester United star - picture 2.

Fellaini joined the team, which ranked third in the Chinese League.

The best stars in Vietnam Hanoi will face former star Manchester United - picture 3.

Fellini continued to play for Manchester United.

FC Hanoi invests heavily in the 2019 season. They want to put the first bricks in the process of reaching the mainland. The team of the capital signed a contract with 33-year-old midfielder Mark McDonald who played the American Major. Previously, they succeeded to hire goalkeeper Bui Tian Duo and leading foreign soldier V. Liga Papa Omar of Tan Hoa.

The match between Shandong Luneng and Hanoi was held on February 19 at the Shandong Stadium home.

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