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The capital, Red Carp, exports 50 tons of fish to serve Mr. Kong Tao

The Thymum Trambov village is known as the "capital" of the largest production of red carp in the north. Not only does it respond to the demand for the market abundantly, Thuy Tram Red Carp also has great advantages in breeding so it is good to catch good quality fish.

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From 19 to 22 December, the moon calendar of the village of Turi begins to take off fishing vests for the ceremony of Mr. Kong Ong Tao.

Usually, from the 19th to the 22nd of the lunar month, people here began to prepare the fishing gear, the whole village of Tray Tram was full of red colors of the mountains (how to call the red fish's aquarium) Red carp.

To get "luxury cars" to serve on Thet's feast to Mr. Kong Ong Tao, people have been running around 9 months ago and have experienced very complicated lifting stages.

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Each fish lake here has an average area of ​​1 sao (360m2) to collect about 30-40kg of red carp.

This year, the Thuy Tram Craft Village continues to apply sophisticated farming methods, putting some types of foods in tests that yields high efficiency. At uneven times a harvest of benign red carp was collected, even the production grew compared to last year. Costs also have positive changes.

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People will choose the best fish for consumption. The fish are divided into different types, depending on the quality, in order to determine the price accordingly.

Accordingly, the current wholesale price in lakes for merchants varies from 80,000 to 100,000 kg of fish, about 40-50. This price may change on the day of Mr. Cong's Mr. Tao's ceremony, often tends to increase to VND 140,000 / kg carp.

At the same time, retail at retail, a set of 3 carp is sold for between 15,000 VND and 40,000 VND / kit depending on the quality of the fish.

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The red carp along the flag, with no points on my body, the eyes and the light, are of good quality.

According to Mr. Thuy Tram Area 3, carp production has increased more than last year, but the price has not changed much. Some hunters are not sold immediately, but wait until December 22 to sell the best price. "

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After harvesting, the fish is placed in plastic bags of 10 kg of water and oxygen, pumped to the shore. Thanks to water and gas, the fish are still healthy, they are not suffocated when transported away.

The ready carp will be placed in the pressing tank rather than for feeding to keep the body of the fish elastic. After about 2-3 days to be delivered to the place of the merchants who come to buy, these traders are usually patrons who have ordered many months earlier.

With an estimated total production of 50,000 tonnes, the amount of red carp harvested in the village of Thuy Tram can be guaranteed for the entire North, especially in the provinces of Hanoi, Yen Bai, Lao Kai and Lang Son. Vinh Phuc … and some central provinces like Thanh Hoa and Nghe An.

According to Mr. Bui Van Tru – chairman of the Cherven Carp commercial village, around 90% of red carp households are harvested in the whole village, so this year, Mr. Kong Ong Tao Tet does not worry about " burning "fish.

Mr Ho added that "the people here have a wealth of cultivation experience, along with the active support of modern methods, consumers can be fully assured of the quality of the red carp Agarwood." T

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