Sunday , June 13 2021

The Chinese newspaper is worried about the power of the Hanoi Club

Bangkok United highlight video 0-1 Hanoi

On February 12, Hanoi Club defeated Bangkok United with a score of 1-0, thanks to Van Quett's efforts at the end of the match, thus surpassing the second qualifying round of the AFC Championship 2019. The football team of the capital met with the Chinese Club of Nang Nang (China) in the last qualifying round. The winner of this match will qualify for the group stage of the Asian league at the club level.

Assessing the strength of the Hanoi club before the game against Shandong Lu Nang, the Blue List has made compelling decisions. They think the V-League representative is a strong team, and with the recent perfection of Vietnamese football as a whole this will be an easy opponent.

Club Hanoi, Shandong Lu Nang

In particular, Sina writes: "The match between Bangkok United and Hanoi FC was held in anticipation of many fans. It's not just a knockout game, but it's the first time in months when two of the teams from the first two soccer teams in Southeast Asia compete against each other. Bangkok United has 6 Thai players, while Hanoi has launched 7 Vietnamese players. Two excellent teams and Van Quett helped the Vietnamese team continue.

Shandong Lu Nang has the advantage of playing home in the match before Hanoi FC. The host team has great confidence, but also has to watch the team with the famous representative of Vietnam Mesi – Nguyen Quang Hai.

The Hanoi Club is revered by its competitors: "Hanoi FC is the new power of Vietnam now. In the Asian Cup, the number of players in this team in the national team is similar to Guangzhou Hoang Dai. Vietnamese football is undergoing a major development, and the club in Hanoi will cause many difficulties in the next match.

The match between Club Hanoi and Shandong Lu Nang Club will be held on February 19th.

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