Monday , October 25 2021

The fires burn out the yacht restaurants of Lo River


The fires burned the Lo - 1 Yacht Restaurant
The scene of the fire. Photo Quang Dan – VNA

On the morning of July 6th, Nguyen Siuan Hoon, Vice President of Tuyen Quang province, said there was a burning fire in the Lo Lo yacht restaurant in the area of ​​Min Suan.

Earlier, around 21:30 last night (July 5th), a fire broke out at the Hai Au yacht restaurant and then spread to the restaurant roof.

The opening of the case, the management of the restaurant and the staff shouted that people had escaped outside, calling on the functional power to call.

Receiving the news, the fire and fighting force and the authorities of Tuyen Quang province quickly emerged into space by deploying the firefighting activity.

By 22:30 on the same day the fire was controlled. All the equipment and facilities of the restaurant, however, were completely destroyed by the fire.

Fires burned the yacht restaurant on the River Lo - 2
The restaurant was burned with fire. Photo Quang Dan – VNA

According to Mr. Hung, fire does not harm people. "Property damage is a statistical function of power, and at the same time, the cause of the fire is checked and clarified by the police," said Mr. Hung.

Nguyen Truong

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