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The funeral was filled with tears of the poor sister

The sister's tears were poor and poor - Picture 1.

Family member wipes tears for Tran Duke Ann, the eldest son of Mrs. Le Thi Hat, the poor female worker who died while working on the road – Photo: NGUYEN KHANH

This morning, on April 25, three days after Mrs. Le Thi Hat, a poor woman in Hanoi was killed by a crazy car right next to the Liang Hanoi waste truck, families and workers. The colleagues sent her to her hometown for a break.

There has never been a funeral for many people to wear such uniforms for workers in the field of environmental hygiene, motorcycle uniforms and technology – the jobs that Ha has to go from early morning to late at night to raise your children.

"Dao is the right person"

During the conversation with us, on the top of the white shawl, Pham Thi Van and Lai Thu Phuong wept all the time. They are children of Ha's aunt and all their family live on the land of their grandparents living in Ha Dan today, leaving for their daughters, including their mother, Ha, a child. Arabia.

"My aunt is poor and there are many children, up to 8 children, Xa's brother's son died about 10 years ago because of lung disease, it's early." The sisters are busy working, working on roads, collecting junk, work as motorcycle drivers, go home at night and just sit down in Ya tired and fall, "Mrs. Fowon said.

The tears of the poor sister - Picture 2.

Workers from Hanoi Urban Environment Co., Ltd. come to say goodbye to their colleague for the last time – Photo: NGUYEN KHANH

Ms. Le Thi Thuy – Ms. Ha's colleague in Team 12, Factory 4, Dong Da Branch, Hanoi Urban Environment Company, which cleans the Way of Fortune 22-4 with Mrs Ha – Census of the Season Same night, Ha and four others were bolstered to Lang's deep road.

Gathering the leaves in the car to be transferred to the collection, Mrs. Twe heard a loud crash. "I was about 10 meters away from Mrs. Ha, I saw a crash, I turned to call Ha's loss, but it was too late, the crazy car rushed into the garbage truck and made Miss X thrown in about 15 meters. When I woke up, Mrs. Ha, I was not hunted for days, just keeping my eyes closed and seeing Mrs. Ha, "Thuy said.

The teenage funeral of the poor lady - Photo 3.

Many people laughed during the funeral, Mrs. Le Thi Ha, held at the Bhaja (Hanoi) hospital funeral home – Photo: NGUYEN KHANH

Three days ago, Mrs. Ha went to see liver cirrhosis, had a medicine that was not included in the health insurance list, there was not enough money to buy, so she could not take the new drug. Two months ago Mrs. Ha was assigned to the hospital for the treatment of cirrhosis, but she left the hospital because she had no money.

Recently, Mrs. Ha worked for 22/24 hours, from 5am to the next morning, working for two and a half hours to get VND 660,000. Her family has a 78-year-old mother, two young children, and a family of three brothers is very difficult. She has worked so much until she dies …

Coming to the funeral of Mrs. Ha, many strangers. Mr. Ta Van Hoa, a 63-year-old, a taxi driver on a bike, is one such person. He never knew Mrs. Ha, she had never heard anyone talk about her before 23 April and today, April 25, Mr. Hoa visited her.

"The morality of being a person must be so that you listen to her story that I know I have to come here, its situation is so unfortunate …" Hoa said brightly.

There are still hearts in life

Photos of Nguyen Duke Anne – Mrs Ha's eldest son – crashed her head over her mother's body on the night of April 22, at the back of her shirt, saying "I never said, but I love you so much" , chasing the online community today as the worker has died.

The teen burial of the poor woman - Photo 4.

The picture is spread and touched in the online community: Tran Duc Anh, the oldest son, Le Thi Thu Ha, wearing a shirt with English words "I never said it but I love my mother very much" – Photo: Facebook

My mother died, Duke Ann and my brother Duke Hieu lost their support. Kids have lost their mother but are more frustrated, Duke Ann is about to take the exam, and Duke Xiu has a minor illness.

In a vacant house, a remarkable wall, Duke Anne's mother and mother's roof is staying with her uncle who travels until June, and her grandchildren are 78 years old and the future of the boys is very vague.

But it seems that the mother has spent everything she has for her. She went to work from morning till late at night, ready to take the bikes at 3 am, she worked hard to do a hard job. She died right next to the garbage truck during the shift. Her painful death chases everyone.

These two days, many people spend their time visiting two boys and grandmothers, there are 3 high schools ready to meet Duc Anh to study, some wear bikes, some carry money, gifts, hope I was able to study.

Sister's funeral fun is bad - Picture 5.

Le Thi Thu Ha has two sons, the eldest of his sister, Duc Anh, 15, the youngest son named Duc Hieu at age 12 – Photo: NGUYEN KHANH

At the funeral of the mother two sad boys stood with the visitors. The children did not understand all the passages of the child absent from their mother from childhood. Be strong, Mom will definitely bless you.

The tears of the poor sister - Picture 6.

Because of the difficult economic situation in the morning, Mrs. Ha was driving Grab, and in the evening she was working as a worker in the photo of her colleagues to see goodbye – Photo: NGUYEN KHANH

Sister's crying funeral is poor - Picture 7.

As for the incident, on April 23 afternoon, the police in Dong Da District (Hanoi) said he had issued a decision to prosecute the case and temporarily criticized the driver until Suey Tuyen (49). In police agencies, drivers said they were working at home, so they drank about 5-7 large beers. Then the driver of the car could no longer control the speed so it caused a continuous incident. The results of the alcohol concentration test in the breathing of the Tuyen driver are 1.041ml / l of respiratory gas, exceeding the prescribed level quite high – Photo: NGUYEN KHANH

The tears of the poor sister - Picture 8.

Leader of Hanoi Urban Environmental Company Limited said: For 8 years as a sanitary worker, Ms. Ha never allowed her superiors to complain, she is an advanced employee every year. Department – Photo: NGUYEN KHANH

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