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The genius, the small gilt leaves are sold for millions, causing the market "fever"

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 (GMT + 7)

The true leaves of the bodhi are handmade and gilded are considered feng shui, which brings good luck and luck to their owners. Therefore, the goods have just returned immediately to the "wink", the store owner immediately posted a notification immediately to the social network site.

In recent days, imported gilded leaflets have attracted the attention of many. Ms. Mai Uu Dam, seller of this item in Dong Da (Hanoi) said the product just finished "veo", customers who are slow will wait about 10 days to have it.

Day of genius, small gilded leaves are sold for millions of money. market - 1

24k gold-plated Bodhi leaves attract the attention of customers in recent times.

According to her, the gilded sheet of bodhhi has a very special meaning. It symbolizes peace and luck. It is known that these leaves are real and taken from Bodhgaya, hand-made and gilded, so each product has its own beauty.

"The Bodhi leaves are 24k gold-plated, imported from India, a product that her close friend asked directly in the pagoda and sent to her in Vietnam so that her number is not much, this time she received only a few hundred sheets , but the guests have put thousands of sheets around the 11/1 Lunar Calendar, she will go to this party to return to serve the guests, she said.

Day of genius, small gilded leaves are sold for millions of money. market - 2

According to the seller, the Bodhi leaves symbolize peace and luck.

Some buyers and want to own immediately need to come to the shop itself, not many people reserve and require transportation on the day of the god of destiny with the desire to ask for money in the new year. At the moment she refuses all orders to the god of fate because she is in stock, customers want to have gilded leaves of bodhis to wait.

Ms. Mai Uu Dam also said that people who have ordered gold leaf stickers want themselves and their families to have peace and luck this year. That's why they tend to deposit money and wait long to own the leaves.

Day of genius, small gilded leaves are sold for millions of money. market - 3

Depending on the size of each sheet, their prices range from 300,000 to 700,000 VND / sheets.

The price of small leaf leaves is about 300,000 – 400,000 VND / leaves, while the large leaf (about 7 cm long) is sold for 700,000 VND / leaves.

The vendor said that Bodhi's leaves could be left on the altar to make the bed more drowsy or on the bridge of luck than hanging on a car, sticking to the phone … Security, luck will follow you.

Day of genius, small gilded leaves are sold for millions of money. market - 4

Just slow down, visitors can wait for a dozen days to buy gold leaf sticks.

Ms. Nguyen Duc (Hanoi) said she was looking for a gilded sheet of bodyshell for a long time, and now she sees a seller who has to order it right away. "In the past, I'd seen a pretty gilded sticking sheet in a friend's car. Ask the address to buy, my friend said it was a gift. I'm looking to buy for a few months and I have not seen it. By accidentally surfing social networks for sale, I quickly put the leaves, she said.

She also seeks to buy golden leafs for a long time, and Ms Ngoc Anh (Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi) always puts it when she sees information about selling on social networks. But a bit slow, I can not own it, but I have to wait until I have the goods. She said: "Every store will run out of stock, it will have to wait longer and not know when it will ever be available."

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