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The idea of ​​"money exchange love", the young man works without escaping the owner for more than 11 years – a young friend

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Late in the night, when I finished the room, I returned the lover's key, the owner suddenly embraced me and cried that she wanted to be her husband …

It is true that no one in this world can choose to be born with a father or mother. So even if it is in my mind, I never blame why my parents are not rich, so I can be full, happy with you, with friends …

Approximately 2 acres of rice fields cultivated rice, while growing vegetables and tubers of the family is not enough for his father and his mother to feed my two brothers to study. As the eldest brother, I had to look at the book lamp while I was in the third grade to make it easier for my younger brother to go to school when my father had to stop working on the farm because of heavy rheumatism.

The thought of money that give love, the youth flees without escaping the owner for more than 11 years - 1


Being used to working from an early age is happy to be gifted with good health, so hard and hard work does not discourage me. However, in my heart, I still dreamed of changing my life with a decent income for decent work in the city. Because it's not far, right next to my house, my old friend with me just a few years later left the village on the street, he returned to visit his hometown with a motorcycle scooter, fashionable clothes, and he spent a lot of money on his father and mother. giving relatives like a teenager makes me admired.

Just when my sister to me dropped out of university exam and decided to stay in my hometown to work with my parents, I was hired by a business to work as a factory worker. Their plastic household articles. Sufficiently cultural, past life on the 21st birthday is full of desire to enrich, so I'm trying to finish every job of the head of my workshop.

I know who I am in this glamorous, brilliant city, so I always tell my heart to live in goodness, avoiding the temptation of everyday life to achieve my dream. After four years of hard work my savings book also received a significant amount. I try to pursue my goal, unfortunately my father suffers from heart failure in addition to the existing rheumatism. So to cure my father, how much progress has been made so far that I have transferred to my mother and sister to look after my father.

As the eldest son in the house, as the son of my father and mother, I understand my responsibility to the family and I know that the money I send home is an important part of solving the difficulties for my parents so I go to the country. Project to accumulate from the beginning. He suffered so much that my plan at a time when the business was not favorable, workers' salaries often prayed for debt, discouraged me from leaving and going out to find another job to fulfill my dream of changing life …

The owner of a pleased store for building materials accepted me to work without a try. She still asked me to call her sister, "I am 11 years older than you, what are you doing … far away!" Among my employees, my youngest sister is the youngest, strongest and most beautiful, so she has a favor for me.

Sometimes she will give extra bonuses with the reason that I've done a good job at the store. As a hired employee I did not dare to care about the teacher's personal life, but listening to some of my brothers in the same group said my lover still lives alone. I think of a high-class rich man who is picky but does not want her husband to want to marry her?

The job is comfortable, unfortunately, after I got back to the inn, I had a broken elbow. There was no one in this city, so I called my sister, but the owner took me to the hospital, gave me money for treatment and bought rice to take me to the inn every day until I recover.

Then, if I had prepared the script, I had just left my hand and my mistress got sick, she called for headaches, dizziness, and left some workers to leave early to keep me alone and then clean up the store for her. Late in the night, when I finished the room, I returned the lover's key, the owner suddenly embraced me and cried that she wanted to be her husband …

Living with my old wife, wife and wife, my new wife, I knew my mistress had gone through two husbands, but she could not bear, so I had to be lonely. My employer paid me "to serve" enough to repair my house for my parents in my hometown, enough for my younger sister to go to my husband's house.

When I realized I was going to go back to my hometown to have a wife and a child to inform my father and my mother, my sister told me that I had given my wife enough money for a long time to free me ! Do I know what to pay for you when I'm just a hired worker?

Lack of money to go to work as a boy, the man is known for his surprise because the technology is too high

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