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The police found two women suspected of being involved in the body in the concrete block

The two men were found when they joined two other seven-seat women leaving the hotel in Chet Dow Mott and Bin Duong.

In the morning of May 18, several hours after the press published photos of two women and the number of police cars in the 7 locations searched and received by the hotel in Fu To, Chet Daw Mot City found that they were staying. here the authorities have to report.

This hotel is located in a residential area. Later, when the two men and two other women got into the car, leaving the hotel, the police seemed to invite them to the office.

The investigating agency is still questioning this group at the Bing Duong Police Department.

Police carriage vehicles were carried away. Photo: Nguyet Trie.

Cars carry groups of women in the police station on the morning of May 18th. photo: Nguyet Trie.

Earlier, Bean Duong's police issued a search warrant for the entire country, a man named Pham Ti Thien Ha (31) and Trin Ti Hong Hoa (66 years old, registered the same household in the Tan Hu district, HCM City). It is believed that both women lived with both victims during the rental period.

Two days ago, the man came to buy a new house in Hua Hua, Bau Bang district. In the cleaning process, they found a concrete container containing the body in the bedroom, while the second victim's container was on the side of the house.

Both bodies are men, 30-35 years of age, who died more than the previous month. The first victim is about 1.7 meters high, his neck is about one meter long and has more than 10 stab wounds on his back. The second body is 1.6 m high, marinated with tea, covered with foam, sticky glue and silicon.

The previous house was given to the woman by the previous owner for the tenant's name. When she hired in October 2018, she introduced a worker from Dak Lac, accompanied by a woman and two men in a 7-seat. But last month the landlord could not get in touch with her.

Police find that two bodies were found in the house

The detective police found the two bodies. video: Tuan Trie – Hoang Than.

Fuo Tuan – Nguyet Trie

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