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The son takes his mother to "regain his youth" because of his difficult life

Two Thai sons have taken their mothers for plastic surgery, so she has no self-esteem for the appearance.

Saulluk Shantafang, 60, is the mother of three sons. Two of them are the most popular and beautiful actors in Thailand, Niki Na Chat and Natasha Mish. Spending his youth to take care of his three children, Saowaluk is inevitably tired of many wrinkles, eye bags …

"In the past, I did not think to care and embellish because I was a lonely mother, I spent most of my time taking care of my three children." When I realized I was much older, then I was afraid to interact with people and I do not care to dress well If you want to shoot with me, I do not want to self-destruct in old age, "said Saulluk on the sheet. slclinic.

Ms. Saowaluk Chantaphan

Ms. Saowaluk Chantaphan self-evaluates her appearance before plastic surgery. Photo: Slcclinic.

Understanding this mood, in 2016, two boys were determined to take their mothers into plastic surgery with the desire to "make them happy."

After receiving advice from doctors, Ms Saowalak held a nose lifting, an injection pad, filled her lips and forehead … After eating utensils, she looked like a ten-year-old child, returning her beauty as a child. girl.

Encouraged by children, she goes to the beauty salon every month to care for her skin. She also confidently shoots and attends many concerts with her son.

The lone mother was taken away by her children to regain her youth. Photo: slcclinic.

The lone mother was taken away by her children "to regain her youth." Photo: Scclinic.

"I'm very happy because, after a plastic surgery, my mother was brighter than before, and when she was happy we were happy, before she did not like to shoot, but now she likes to make love, excuse me." for the whole family, "said Natasha Mish.

"When we are happy, I will pass on this positive energy to my children, friends and everyone, thank you for bringing me happiness, which has made me the happiest mother," Sawulalak said.

The beauty of single mothers after they gave them cutlery. Photo: slcclinic.

The beauty of the lonely mother after having given her "cutlery". Photo: Slcclinic.

The two boys' personal pages are always full of happy moments with their mother. Mrs. Saowalak already knows how to dress and makeup, so she becomes more beautiful, much younger than her real age.

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