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The story of an oasis village for decades without a wedding

Wednesday, February 13, 2019, 00:30 (GMT + 7)

The village, located in the middle of the abandoned river Lam, the young man, the young man who left the village to settle for more than 15 years, had no wedding.

Hong Lam "Oasis" in Xuan Giang municipality, Nghi Xuan (Ha Tinh) is located in the middle of the Lama River, apart from the outside world. Here, the wooden boat becomes "vital" for the peasants of Hong Lem to interact with the outside world and vice versa.

History of the Oasis Village Decades Without a Wedding - 1

Waterways are the only way to get to Hong Lam

Living here, but people do not remember when the village was, where it has been for hundreds of years. Many elderly people spoke, knowing that there were two brothers from the Ho family because the poor had no place to live, they gathered to create an oasis. Seeing that this land is inhabited, the trees are good, so many others are also following and creating villages to live up to now.

Arriving in an oasis late afternoon, the air was quiet, calm, no noisy cars, but there were noisy calls for pupils of a small student. From the ribbon, the boy, Tuan Hueu (9 years old), escaped as fast as anyone who followed him to catch the boat by the river, and Ms. Nguyen Thu Hien handed a bag to the other side to replace the rice. This is a look at the everyday life of Hong Lam Island.

We followed Nguyen Luke, the head of the village of Hong Lam, walking around the oasis. You witness the image of hundreds of spacious and abandoned houses, suddenly sad Mr Luc, his face was sad.

They locked the door and walked out. Then no one came and returned to live here. The abandoned house is getting more and more, the land is getting tighter, without knowing since then, this place has become so deserted to be so cold, "Luc said sadly.

The Story of an Oasis Village Decades Without a Wedding - 2

The houses here are deserted

According to Mr. Luc, before the oasis has a very large area, but due to nature and human impact, it gradually narrows. In the period before 1990, Hong Lam had 1557 people, asked to set up a private municipality, but before it was created, the typhoon of 1988 wiped out two rather large areas in the oasis. Nearly 40 houses that same night just flowed and collapsed, which is the home of young families who are separated recently.

This year the flood passed through the village, causing people to fear and think that the ground is no longer cured. The people in turn on the left, the village gradually disappeared from the tents. The small rocks along the river are also turning into a desert.

People leave the country, the peasants continue. The oasis has a market, a pork market that is sold by several people, and is now a rarity for buyers. The oasis has a medical station, but there is no doctor, there is a school, but there are no students.

The Story of an Oasis Village Decades Without a Wedding - 3

Now the primary school is abandoned

"Here comes a very rare wedding, no more than a decade ago. Because the young people go to settle in other lands and organize them there, "says Mr. Luc.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Canh (75 years old) said that people here left the village one by one, but some people did not want to fall off the land where they "buried vegetables and cut off navel." Since the young people leave the village to live elsewhere, rarely in the new village there is an opportunity to hear the wedding music.

"There are several weddings in the village, sometimes there are people coming to the festival to organize at home, but for over 15 years they do not come here to get married."

Cleaning the house, said Mr. Tran Ding Than, in the house there are 4 children, after he grew up, he went south to create a business. Thanks to the absence of the home, we have a wedding in the company.

"People here are everywhere, no one dares to organize a wedding in the country because it's hard to travel here. If so, just go back to the party to make the party. The people who live here are such, "said Mr. Than.

Talking with us, Mr. Le Hong Lu, chairman of the Suean Jiang People's Committee, said that Hong Lam was densely populated with thousands of people before, but now, due to travel conditions, people are leaving the country at the same time. other places are doing business.

"Life in Hong Lam is much better than in the past, but due to natural disasters, especially in the flood season, people here are in a difficult situation, flooded water, the only way to Hong Lam is the boat. wood. There is a project to develop tourism in this oasis, but only on the plan, but it is not fulfilled, "said Mr. Lou.

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