Tuesday , July 27 2021

The value of 3 Vietnamese stars sharply increased after leaving

Following the success of the Asian Cup 2019, three players, Siuan Truong, Kong Fouon and Van Lam joined forces with foreign clubs (Thailand and Korea). In the past, they had matches with new clubs.

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Xuan Truong raised prices after moving to Thailand to compete

Immediately after the export, the value of three Vietnamese players has increased (according to the transfermarkt's specialized transfer page).

Specifically, Dang Van Lamm was previously not rated on the Transfersmarket page. Now the value of the temple guard, born in 1993, has grown to 300,000 euros (approximately $ 8 billion). In fact, this figure is still less than $ 500,000, which Muangthong United's club spends to hire Van Lam from the Hai Phong Club.

Meanwhile, the value of Swan Truong has also increased from € 50,000 to € 200,000 after a short time in Buryram United. Xuan Truong's salary in Thai club number 1 is about $ 10,000 / month and is accompanied by other benefits such as domestic and private cars.

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Van Lam is the best Vietnamese team (300,000 euros)

Finally, Cong Phuong also raised the price from € 25,000 to € 150,000 after joining Incheon United's club under a HAGL loan agreement. This player scored 1 goal and scored 1 goal in the first 2 matches for the Korean club.

Meanwhile, another Vietnamese star, Trong Hoang, also raised the price from 50,000 euros to 100,000 euros.

These are the 4 players from the Vietnam team that Transfermarkt valued at that time. The rest of the stars such as Quang Hai, Van Hugh … are not yet appreciated by this prestigious transfer.

Meanwhile, most of the Thai players are priced. The highest is Chanathip Songkrasin with 1.5 million euros. The lowest is Saranon Anuin and Siroch Chatthong striker with 150,000 euros (equal to Cong Phuong).


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