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The value of Vietnamese players rose sharply after the Asian Cup in 2019

After the AFF Cup in 2018, goalkeeper Dang Van Lam found a high-value contract with the Thai team, Muangtung United (a transfer of $ 500,000, a salary of $ 10,000 / month). Money, however, is still considered "good" if you look at what Dang Van Lam has done on the Asian Cup in 2019.

Also after the tournament, the ability of many Vietnamese players will increase, especially the group of pillars, including Quang Hai, Doan Van Hau and Fan Van Duke.

Particularly midfielder Que Ngoc Hai before the presence of the AFF Cup 2018 and the Asian Cup 2019 reached agreement on new contracts with the Viettel football club as Viettel considered a faster step in finding good players.

The value of Vietnamese players rose sharply after the Asian Cup 2019-1
Doan Van Haw (5) and many Vietnamese players will raise prices after this year's Asian Cup

The price of Que Ngoc Hai before the AFF Cup 2018 and the Asian Cup 2019 will certainly not be as high as after these two tournaments. Through the Southeast Asian Championship and the Asian Championship, Ngoc Hai proved to be very different from before, more stable, safer.

Therefore, if the Viettel football club did not quickly reach the signing of the Nghe An midfielder, they would probably pay a higher price if the contract is completed after the AFF Cup in 2018 and the Asian Cup. Cup 2019.

Both players, Nguyen Quang Hai and Doan Van Hau, had many invitations for them for a long time, as they appeared in the Asian Asian U23 tournament earlier this year.

After the Asian Tournament U23 in 2018, these two players are always stable. Quang Hai is an almost indispensable player in any attack on the Hang Seo coaching park and is one of the best players in the Asian championship.

Meanwhile, Doan Van Haw is becoming more secure in the left wing corridor of the Vietnamese team.

Quang Hai's performance and Doan Van Hue naturally drew the attention of supporters of many international clubs, so if foreign clubs brought Nguyen Quan Hai or Doan Van Haw in front, then there would be the next concessions created with Vietnamese football after the unconditional contract Dag Van Lam and the Muangtung United Club.

And the common point is that international treaties, if any, coming here will be high, because the performance of many Vietnamese players on the Asian League has recently been helping everybody, is a statement. define the talent and mark of the players themselves!

Kim Dien

The value of Vietnamese players rose sharply after the Asian Cup 2019-2

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