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The village "teacher" does not have the level of training for hundreds of poor students who have graduated from the University of Education

Monday, November 19, 2012 02:00 (GMT + 7)

No degree, never trained through a pedagogy school but for more than 20 years, "village teachers" are still difficult for class. Thanks to the teachings of this "teacher", hundreds of students graduate to prestigious universities.

The story of "village teacher"

The man was named Dang Tien Dung (SN 1957, resident of Hamlet 5, commune of Phuc Dong, Huong Khe district (Ha Tinh province). His name was known as "village teacher".

During the past 24 years, this class of "quality teachers" was not only popular in the commune but also spread to many other places. Parents who have children in neighboring communes bring their children to give guidance to Pak Dung.

The winding road to Pak Dung's classroom is a dark green canopy. From the outside, a simple four-level house between the hills is only 30m2 wide with old furniture and lectures in a corner.

Village schools

Pak Dung's class in Phuc Dong is poor

Just stopped in front of the gate, a man with a small figure of only 1m40, slowly walked agile out and introduced "Aku Dung".

Smiling softly, a soft voice is an inspirational first impression when we meet a "village teacher". Asking guests to sit, Mr. Dung began to tell about his life in sadness.

He was born into a family of five brothers whose parents were members of the Party in the Phuc Dong community. Born as a normal healthy man as his peers, but at the age of 6 he suffered from malignant malaria, after many treatments failed, one leg was paralyzed, difficulty walking.

Going far, the leg was paralyzed during all school years he had to go to school at his mother's feet. Regarding education but health conditions are not possible, Mr. Only studying in 7th grade doesn't exist.

When he grew up, he married a man from the same village and had five children. Since then, he must struggle with difficulties.

The burden of rice, clothes, rice money made him try all kinds of work, ranging from accounting, post offices, trade unions to trade, builders, carpentry … as long as there was money to worry about for the family.

Village schools

"Teacher" Dung to teach students

It's difficult, but it's hard work, but every day to work for the man is still researching books, growing knowledge to teach with 5 children to study.

"Today to go to work on the farm, the night I go to school with my children. I buy more books and read from textbooks to teach children. So the father and the children study, there are unsolved problems that must be morning until finished, "said Dung.

Every school I go to is a class that is the father of studying the class, independent learning and many times as a student, sometimes they argue with each other about difficult problems, or problems as classmates.

"Don't call me teacher"

Then, the lover came to the teacher when five children landed at the university, happier when three of them passed good grades and took the same profession as him.

Speaking of relationships that were destined by teachers, Dung recalled that in 1994 a group of 28 students in 9th grade took 10th grade to apply for a woodworking course.

Seeing them young, Dung began to urge them to return to school. At the carpenter's work, the teacher comes to class to practice for children. After the study period, all have passed 10th grade with a high score, even those who have previously scored 0 after the training have scored 8 points.

Since then, Dung's reputation has been known throughout the region, with many families in the region pulling children together, taking him to the teacher.

Village schools

Until now, "village teachers" have been teaching for 24 years

"Actually it was very unexpected, seeing parents say that I was very happy but also saw the burden, I only taught myself, there was no degree so I dared not accept words. But people gave encouragement, many students wanted to learn to help me, so I also nodded, "Dung shared.

As far as he knew, the classrooms developed, starting from grade 3 students to students, he had to divide 3 classes with 6 classes.

The capital was not trained so the teacher also encountered many difficulties in teaching. Many difficult topics that "teachers" have to play around all night to find answers for students. In addition to teaching mathematics, Dung also teaches subjects in Li, Chemistry and Linguistics.

Students who come to Dung's "teacher" class only have to pay from 10-15 thousand per session. In fact, many students experience difficult conditions so the teacher does not charge.

Up to now, Dang Tien Dung's "village teacher" has trained thousands of students, helping hundreds of students graduate from the provinces and students, many of them graduating from prestigious universities.

Village schools

For Pak Dung, books are the most important for growing knowledge

"Don't call me a teacher, I really don't deserve it. Besides my knowledge I don't have anything, no degree, never trained through school. But most of my students go to prestigious universities," said Dung.

With his contribution to education for more than 24 years, he has been awarded a certificate of eligibility by the Huong Khe District People's Committee, Ha Tinh Province. In particular, in 2010, "saw Dung" was awarded the Prime Minister's certificate of eligibility, following the moral example of Ho Chi Minh.

Young teachers cook for hundreds of poor children

Outside the classroom, Ms. Dung asked to mobilize more people in the commune a little to arrange food.

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