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The well-known trees in northern Vietnam suddenly cost millions in this place

Thursday, 17/01/2019 05:00 AM (GMT + 7)

Even this variety is included as a protected level 2 plant here.

The motto also has a different name, the hoa pick, the pick, the scientific name is Sophora japonica L. One of the three plants most respected by the ancient because it is a symbol of wealth. to wealth. In China, this plant variety is called Vietnam.

Many Chinese people have never known or never ate seeds (fruits). In the market in this country, although prices often fluctuate, Vietnamese nuts have a minimum price of up to 1000 yuan / kg (3.4 million dongs). That's why it's very rare for people to use seeds like ordinary vegetables.

In fact, the Vietnamese pick is sold at such a high price, not entirely because of its special value, but because its roots are extremely valuable. This root can become the "root of the son of Dow" – precious medicine in oriental medicine, has the effect of detoxification, heating, reducing edema and throat. In Chinese folklore, they often use this medicine to treat heat and sore throat. However, at the root of Blue Dow there is a certain amount of poison, so it can not be used indiscriminately.

The known trees in northern Vietnam suddenly cost millions in this place - 1

The roots of Vietnamese motifs have a high pharmacological value

Due to the changing environment and the cutting of many trees, the amount of Vietnamese trees in China is getting smaller. In addition, the ability to germinate tree seed is also very low. That's why the seeds are so expensive.

There are currently a number of Chinese farmers who plant a Vietnamese pick, but can not be reached on a large scale because planting seedlings is too difficult. Although it is not easy to go to the woods to find a tree to do the transplant because the number of picking trees is not much, it is hard to find. In addition, the Chinese government has placed this plant on the list of plants to be protected at level 2. Therefore, even if you find a tree in the wild, no one dares to transplant.

These difficulties lead to the fact that roots and seeds are always kept at a very high level. Currently, the price of the roots may reach about 400 yuan / kg (1.3 million Don), the average seed price is about 1400 yuan / kg (4.8 million Don).

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