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There are tax officials to guide companies to avoid taxes

Representative Truong Trong Nghia.

Representative Truong Trong Nghia.

This morning (November 12), discussed in the group on the Tax Administration Law (amended), the representative of Truong Trong Nghia (HCMC) said, when contacting the business, he found that, there are two phenomena of the status of corporate tax evasion, tax debt, persistent, causing loss budget income; The second is the phenomenon of tax officers who advise and guide businesses how to avoid taxes.

"The phenomenon of advising business tax evasion, there are decades, when they occur, they complain about the phenomenon of abuse." This is a phenomenon in the field of state management in general and several sectors, including taxes, "said Nghia.

Instead, according to Mr. Nghia, there is a phenomenon of tax officers who guide companies to avoid taxes, businesses don't complain, because the business is profitable, only the country loses.

"It is very sad that tax department staff, state salaries, are paid part of the tax from the population and business, but deliberately go consultants, guiding business tax evasion, this happened dozens of years," he said.

According to Mr. Nghia, now in the Tax Administration Law there is talk about the rights and obligations of taxpayers, the rights and obligations of the tax authorities. The task of the head of the tax inspection team and tax inspector, but there is no general obligation of tax officials.

"I propose to include in the rights and obligations of the tax staff, need to clarify what their responsibilities are, what interests, if done wrongly, how to deal with the general responsibilities of the organization, the company, the individual …", Mr. Nghia stressed.

Representatives from the tax department are responsible for guiding taxpayers immediately, comfortably and sufficiently to fulfill their obligations. Because many businesses only want to fulfill their obligations in an easy way, it takes time.

"Especially the FDI group that I know, those who weakened several hundred and three thousand of them, were unacceptable because of their law, they still had to obey their laws and bribery laws. It's not like he would say I paid anything formal to have a bill I pay, customs fees, some taxes I pay, but I put envelopes under the table for fast, easy. They can't do it easily, "said Nghia.

Discussions in the Tax Law Project, some members of the National Assembly indicated that many tax administration-specific content in the article, items in the draft law were inconsistent.

Deputy Nguyen Huu Duc – National Assembly delegation Binh Dinh province, to design institutions continue to review content that is more closely related to tax administration for e-commerce activities to ensure strict management, do not miss. In particular, there must be further clarification of the responsibilities of ministries and branches in the law for this content.

Regarding the responsibility of the tax authority, Ta Truong Giang (Ca Mau) said that the draft only stipulates the responsibility of the tax authority to correct the amount of tax greater than the amount of tax payable. The tax administration institution must return the amount of taxes that are overpaid and pay compensation for damages, but should not mention cases where the fixed tax amount is smaller than the amount of tax payable. Therefore, it was proposed that the Government must complete this case in the draft law.

Deputy Nguyen Thanh Thuy (Hau Giang) said that electronic transactions must be more stringent to ensure uniform and consistent implementation.

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