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They are aristocratic. a 94-year-old grandmother in a nursing home

Entering the room with the smell of water, peach, kumquat, single flower … no one thought about the residence of a grandmother of nearly a hundred years old in a nursing home.

9 am, year-end, smell of smell, sweat, throwing … fragrant in the private room of Phung Kim Dinh in a nursing home in Ha Dong (Hanoi). In addition to the hot plate, thanks to the nurse, she is preparing another bath for bathing.

Unlike the usual day, Din's room is brightly decorated. Screen removed. Two peach trees at the window. The bottle of red peppers is about to burst. The spring roll of ribbons is well arranged in front of the TV shelf. The Ding was sitting on the bed, nursing her hair. I can not go back 3 years ago to compensate for a clear mind, his eyes on the red face. "The last thing of the year is over," the old woman sighed, caressing her hair that was neat on one side.

There are common rooms behind the door. In such a dim light, some people have to roam the bed, not many people are quiet, many people have mixed up, only see old age with sickness …

"More than 70 instruments in this area, only about 10% are greeted by their children to celebrate Thet, the rest are visited by relatives or just call and send gifts to her children here," said Ms. Hoang Ngan , Deputy Director of the Home.

Mr. Dine impatiently prepared for the 3rd Tet in the room. Photo: Phang Duong.

Mr. Dine impatiently prepared for the 3rd Tet in the room. photo: Phan Duong.

Ms. Phung Kim Dinh is a special occasion when you look at a nursing home as a home. For three years he always prepares Tet for himself. From a full moon in December, he went to the fair to buy some items to support the charity fund, including a branch of peach.

In the last few days I've decided to bring three different types of jam and tape hold-up trays. He then listed a list of workers in a nursing home to prepare good luck, almost 50 people. The gift is not only a celebration of the usual age, but also thanks to last year for the care of the instrument, reveals a nurse.

Through Mr. Cong and Mr. Tao, Mr. Din began to buy two trees and school halls. The family of those days also went in and out constantly with very tasty dishes. On the first day of lunch he met his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and relatives and neighbors in a nursing home for the blessing of the New Year. Fall from there until afternoon and the next day, the room does not stop guests. Happy money was handed over one by one. "I have a nice grandson. He came here and was walking around the room, he liked it very much – he glanced at the ceiling and laughed.

During the 3 days of Tet, Mr. Dinh will not stretch the curtain, accept mosquitoes, accept the difficulty of sleeping, and in return do not want to be weak, his illness affects the visitors.

Mr. Dine went to the Tet Festival at the Medical Center's home on December 18th on the lunar calendar. His daughter-in-law, grandchildren and great-grandchildren come to play. Photo: Dien Hong.

Mr. Dyn went to the Tet in the nursing home on December 18, the last moon month. His daughter-in-law, grandchildren and great-grandchildren come to play. photo: Jan Hong.

The senior family, Phung Kim Dinh, has many positions in the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health before retiring in 1986 as Head of Eye Department. Some of these things are thrown into a person who has a sharp but well-regarded personality and modern thoughts.

The husband died in 2003, at that time Mr. Din was 80 years old. Song has not chosen to live with his children and grandchildren, but lives alone in an apartment in Dong Da. At the end of 2014 a neighbor suddenly made him think. After a survey period, in early April 2015, the instrument was chosen to remain in the nursing home as the best.

At the end of this year, during a visit to the house, he fell and Mr. Din could no longer go. From this he hired a private room on the third floor in a nursing home, costing about ten million a month, and seeing this as his home.

From the young volunteer, day after day, she went to the other hill, from the official called "swears," in 70 years, that she did not leave her hands and feet, now has to lie in one place, every extra activity belongs somebody else. "There was a time when melancholy fell, regret in your youth. Only half a year later I realized it was over, there was no indignation. On the day I was on my way, I had to settle for the present, "he said.

"After I went to the bathroom, I was told by hospital staff, I was choked but I abstained I must remember where she is, who I am Life is present It's not based on what's over, so I told him : "I'm what you called. In front of my uncle, I'm just a patient "…" said the old woman.

Mr. Din, 94, on the left, and in particular the dump, at age 86, are two of the few elderly people in the sanatorium who are still clear. Photo: Dien Hong.

Mr. Din, 94, on the left, and in particular the dump, at age 86, are two of the few elderly people in the sanatorium who are still clear. photo: Jan Hong.

Din is one of about 1,000 elderly people living in 14 private homes in Hanoi. At present, Vietnam has more than 10 million elderly people, representing 11% of the population and located in the 10 fastest aging countries.

The trend in elderly people living in nursing homes is mentioned in many recent seminars. One of the most disjointed issues is that individuals and families and society still have stigma with this trend. "Mr. Din is a rare occasion to live actively in a nursing home and see this place as home, so I really enjoy the life, the most need at this age is to be safe and healthy. the idea of ​​being forced to enter, "said Kama Tu Huiyen, an expert in the social work of this home.

Din decided to go to a nursing home, the children did not want, partly thought they were afraid to talk. But they respect his determination. "The family wants to give the best attention to the instrument, so in addition to the daily phone calls, children and grandchildren visit weekends and festivals, Tet, "said Min Hieu, Dyn's granddaughter.

Before night 30, on the side of the tool box Attach a light brown long dress printed with peach color sewn from a famous store in the old town. On the morning of the first day he will carry this suit on the 5th floor to read the scriptures. First, he prayed for health for himself and for all in an old house, then came to his children and grandchildren.

"Remember, no matter who you are, you will still be old, learn to be content with the present, and when you are satisfied, do not offend your hatred, life will be easier to live," he said.

Phan Duong

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