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They want to meet the back of the Asian Cup – 24h Football

Saturday, January 26, 2019 00:07 (GMT + 7)

Vietnam Tel will leave the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a flight back to Hanoi in the arms of the love and pride of millions of home fans after the wonderful journey of the Asian Cup of Teachers and Teachers in 2019 Seo Cave.

Vietnam Tel Video Strives Strongly When Meeting with Japan Tel in the Asian Cup quarter-finals 2019:

Millions of Vietnamese fans are ready to meet the national hero

Vietnam Tel failed to write a "fairy tale" in the Asian Cup 2019, when we lost pity to Japan in the quarterfinals with a score of 0: 1 for a penalty when Van Lam could not block a penalty. The body of Ritsu Dowan.

Go straight to Vietnam to return home: Ready to meet the hero of the Asian Cup back - 1

Vietnam Tel lost regret before Japan Tel

However, the fact that we first came to the top eight of the strongest teams in Asia with the performance and extraordinary efforts of the Park Hang Seo teachers established in the United Arab Emirates still has a strong impression. strong in the hearts of local and international fans.

As planned, tonight (January 25th), Vietnam Tel will leave Dubai (UAE), but our team will have to go through a long schedule to return to Hanoi.

In particular, 19 hours (local time), i. 22 hours (Vietnam), Vietnam Tel begins to move from Dubai to Abu Dhabi Airport with a distance of up to 150 km. The flight was then coded VN0614 Vietnam Tel will fly at 23:50 tonight in the UAE and land at Noah Bay airport around 2:15 pm on January 26 at Vietnamese time. The reason for this delay is that it is not a direct flight but must go to Bangkok (Thailand). The Vietnamese luggage has been shipped to the country since this morning.

It is expected that many Vietnamese fans will attend the Noah Bay airport to meet Park Hang Seo teachers after the victory, we are just proud of the Asian Cup 2019 quarterfinals. Vietnamese players will also feel warm feelings from relatives, friends and fans, when the atmosphere welcomes Thet, the spring is approaching. After Lunar New Year's Day, players will gather at their club to prepare for the V-League 2019 in February.

The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism praised Vietnam Tel

Last night, VFF Deputy Chairman Tran Quok Tuan quoted Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tien, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, sent to Pan Han Seo's teachers after the game of Vietnam to Japan. :

"Even though we stopped walking, today you brought me and the fans a great match with the spirit of the courageous play, trying to describe the national colors on the national flag showing the beauty. Regarding the spirit and will of the Vietnamese people, I again express my gratitude for the efforts of the whole team and I hope that the spirit and will will be encouraged for Vietnamese football to be more successful. new ". t

Vietnam plays Japan: Van Toan misses the goal,

If Van Thoan can take advantage of this, Vietnam can surprise Japan.

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