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Tomorrow will reduce "one hundred billion milk"

Talk to PV AP On the evening of January 26, Mr. Wu Tuyen, the head of the village of Pu Chin, said it was expected tomorrow morning (January 27th) that people continue to cut the red trees in the village's village house.

"The whole dairy dairy process will be monitored by the appropriate authorities. At the same time, regional and municipal police forces will be present to ensure order and security in the area, "said Mr. Tuyen.

Hanoi: Tomorrow he will cut off

130-year-old red milk will be cut off on January 27th.

According to Mr. Nguyen Siuan Ngoy (75-year-old), head of the old People's Committee in Fu Chin, the Board of Trustees for the Exploitation and Supervision of the Housing Estate, Fu Chinh by 23 members, will also be fully available for follow-up. incident.

"From the stage of felling, digging roots, transporting the stored timber into the containers is done by a group of 4 people hired by us" – added Mr. Ngoy.

as AP informed, in the area of ​​the village of Phu Chinh, rare and valuable red milk has a life of over 130 years. During the expensive tree, this tree has been paid over 100 billion VND.

Recently, Phu Chinh's villagers planned to cut that red milk to "eat tasty for Thet" so as not to be vigilant and to create a 23-member Management Board. This committee will represent the peasants in the monitoring and efficient use of auctioned proceeds of valuable timber.

Earlier, in October 2018, the Hanoi People's Committee issued a document requesting departments and sectors to instruct people to operate dairy trees in accordance with the legal process.

Meanwhile, the Chuong My District People's Committee held a conference on the exploitation and use of "hundreds of billions of trees", agreed to transfer the amount of 5.3 billion VND from the sale of a tree branch to people. reasonable.

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