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Travel to lead the foreign player to the elections in Germany Vietnamese football

Since he and HAGL are pioneers in "throwing stone to find the way," despite careful preparation, they still have to accept the expensive lessons in changing the prejudices of leading football players in Vietnam,

Traveling is not smooth

After the creation of the young trainings, HAGL continues to be a pioneer in finding ways to export Vietnamese players abroad. Exactly the distortion of Vietnamese players' decades-long prejudice in the great soccer worlds is still in the lowlands of Southeast Asia. On December 11, 2015, Tuan Anh received Yokohama FC shirt from Onodera Hiroshi club president for a one-year $ 100,000 loan deal. On December 23, 2015, the German vote kissed good-bye, and three times said Con Fuong's words to Japanese club president Mito Hollyhock. Especially midfielder Swan Thruong landed at Inch United in K-League 1 with a two-year contract.

The mountain city has confirmed that there has been no major football club in the last 40 years to watch young players in Vietnam but HAGL has been watched by the top three clubs of Japan and Korea. he was determined to let all three build and accumulate the battle. In fact, HAGL 3 players were carefully prepared to cultivate foreign languages ​​to reach the culture of these two continental football teams, but they did not succeed in their first trip abroad.

In the 2016 season, Cong Phuong – Tuan Anh – Xuan Truong was only twenty years old. They are equipped with well-trained tactics and dynamic thinking from Europe. However, as Cong Phuong has ever recognized, the game in Japan must be physically strong, but our young talents share weakness – strength and power are far less than those of Northeast Asian players who are extremely big and healthy. Unfortunately for Kong Fuong, when he came to Mito Holihok with a broken shoulder, he had to sit outside for months. Tuan Anh could not eat or drink after the Iraqi defender had pulled and shaken five teeth, then suffered. Siuan Truong is also overloaded by the intensive K-League exercise.

Travel to attract players abroad to selected Germany1

Kong Fuong in Mito Hollyhock's shirt Photo: FC Mito Holichow

Bloodbathing lessons for maturation

In fact, HAGL JMG's lesson plan is too focused on entry technology and does not pay attention to bodybuilding, endurance is also an important factor to stand on the alien site. In addition, the work of Cong Phuong, Tuan Anh and Xuan Truong has only been tested at the top of the V-League in Vietnam, so they have not yet completed all the necessary factors to play in the first 2 regular Asian leagues. Player password to Europe. These limitations, as well as prejudices about the level of Vietnamese players, are reflected in the slow performance of the national team that made Cong Phuong, Tuan Anh and Xuan Truong, although they are highly appreciated for their potential but very difficult. Join the main team. Cong Phuong and Tuan Anh then returned to Vietnam to serve the SEA Games in 2017. Xuan Truong ended his contract with Incheon United and Gangwon FC also returned to wear the HAGL captain's bar.

Failed in Step 1, but it is a valuable attempt to extract the bloody experience. Germany's vote following the return of these three pillars still confirms: "The way forward Vietnamese football can not be other than to allow players to move into the best leagues in Europe. Asia, from there will help raise the level of Vietnamese team and Vietnamese football image. For this purpose, HAGL has accepted not to compare V-league achievements for many years, to dare to do what has never been a precedent in order to be ready to create conditions for their talents to go abroad to compete and study. he asked.

Many people also saw that after the trio of Tuan An Kong Kong – Suan Truong, HAGL also silently brought Nguyen Hugh An Tai or Le Duca Luong to Korea for a short while. Through these trips, we draw lessons for HAGL players, and in particular other Vietnamese players to stand in tournaments such as K-League or J-League, they have to force them to confirm Value Determination and the Vietnamese team must have recordings of continental achievements. This requires a good coach to create breakthroughs that make these changes. So I was determined to find a teacher who could meet this. This is Mr. Park Hang-seo. "

The next story is that Vietnamese fans know. Mr. Park was chosen by Germany and VFF invited in late 2017. And in just one year he blew up a new vitality, explored the potential of young Vietnamese players, built a dynamic and confident force for Vietnamese football that admires all continents with Vietnamese players and a HN team. Hence, this is an important step that creates a strong brand value with a different stance on Vietnamese football abroad.

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