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Twelve men and women, men and women, joined each other in the inn "Shocked" on the first day of the year

Wednesday, February 13, 2019, 16:35 (GMT + 7)

By administrative inspection, the functional force has found 12 men and women gathered in malls with questionable expression.

12 men and women were together at the inn, the first day of the year - 1

The subjects were positive for drugs in the investigative agency.

On February 13, swapping with a PV, a police representative at Bac Giang said the Bac Giang provincial police police department (Bac Giang) provincial police Bac Giang through an administrative check of a motel 12 males and females found positive drugs .

Specifically, on the morning of February 13, the Task Force at the Social Security Administration Police Department examined the Paris Hotel Administrative House with address in Tran Fu Ward, Bac Jiang, Bak Jiang province. Here the functional forces discovered 13 objects in 2 rooms with questionable expression. Do quick tests, including 12 drug-positive subjects.

The exposures seized on the site include 10 gas jars with a balloon; and packed in bags, 2-wallet purses, 2 white powder packs, 1 tablet with a suspicion of synthetic drugs.

The case is now handed over to Bac Giang City Police to continue the investigation and clarification.

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