Saturday , October 1 2022

Twi Tien has consistently posted status regarding a broken marriage with Con Vin


Only for a short period of time Thuy Tien has repeatedly published sad statues, saying he was hurt even though he lived with Cong Vinh.

Known as the Vietnamese showbiz, the husband of Cong Vinh and Thuy Tien make the audience admired by sincere love.

Thuy Tien and Cong Vinh are the dream couple of Vietnamese showbiz. Photo: The Internet

Accordingly, Nghe's striker is also said to be a psychological spouse, many times being said to share the secret of marriage preservation.

"Money for me is enough to cover life, and family happiness is important. one day he will be a man, so he must be a woman "…, Cong Vin once trusted.

On his personal page, recently, Thuy Tien regularly published a series of mood states when he constantly mentioned he was alone, emotional pain.

Accordingly, in an article, Thuy Tien shares photos of coffee drinking in Nepal and reveals loneliness and freedom when traveling alone.

Even at the end of the article, the singer advises everyone to get used to "being alone in luck".

"There is a girl who loves to travel only abroad … before loneliness is a feeling of freedom, strange freedom … In fact, peace comes from within, it does not seek out from the outside.

People are always in the habit of being – their happiness always depends on someone … but they are always forced to give up or leave this life alone, no one passes, nothing can be more unhappy. Thus men are always frightened and weep for the womb of their mother's womb and suffering when faced with the moment of death.

So always get used to being alone in happiness. "

Previously, Thuy Tien also noticed a series of conditions "There are people who love to hurt us, but they bring all the warmth and warmth to others to come later." Everyone in life also loves one as long as he is out of bounds, later can not be the love of this boy if love is true, then it is a lifetime, sinful love is also a youth.
If I have to choose between my lover and the person I love, who can I choose?she asked.

Twi Tien still has a happy photo with his family after a series of gruesome conditions. Photo: Facebook

This is the constant state of moods that the public can not help but worry about the home of the couple Thuy Tien and Cong Vinh.

Many people have expressed concern about the couple's marital happiness, but many still think their marriage is still very happy when they still share happy photos with their family.

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