Friday , May 7 2021

Two trucks loaded with pirate plates carrying illegal timber in Dak Lac

(VTC News) – Check out two suspicious cars, police Dak Lak province has found that there are hundreds of boxed square boxes, with a total volume of over 60 m3.

On 22 November, the Daklak police station coordinated with the functional units to verify and verify the newly discovered species of illegally exposed timber.

Two cars on the same tax collector car Dák Lák hinh anh 1

Number of illegally sorted tree species.

Before that, about 3 hours on September 21, he received information from people about the illegal log transport of Mekong, the provincial police director appointed Dak Lak Provincial Police Co-ordination as police police of M & drak secretly finds 2 trucks parked on the NHL29 with many suspicious questions.

On both cars, the police found hundreds of long, square-cut wooden boxes with a total volume of more than 60 cubic meters.

During the inspection, Truck Driver 78C-070.57 Huynh Quoc Toan (36-year-old) and 51C-077 container truck driver Dang Phuc Cuong (38 years old) can not produce any invoice Prove the origin of the number of timber.

At the start of the two drivers who claim two drivers carrying the wood for an unknown guy in village 2, Ea Hly Commune (E Ly Ly, Song Hinh district, Phu Yen province). The car will travel along QL29 to Phu Yen province and will be on North consumption. To overcome the feature, both cars are equipped with fake registration numbers.

Police in Dak Lak province continue to investigate widely, to deal with people related to the number of trees.

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