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Unpolishing, uninterrupted Tet fete of a couple "uncle-uncle"

Monday 4 February, 2019, 00:30 (GMT + 7)

"Foods for children who have fought, bought money to buy kumquats, buy flowers, have something to eat, holidays on Tet, and weekdays," says the 79-year-old husband.

Non-peach, non-lunar new year on

In the days of Tet Nguyen San, the simple nest of a 43-year-old couple and three young children in Ham Nam is extremely difficult. They must run to eat food for children. Tet come with their families as well as their normal days and are more troubling.

Non-peach, non-lunar new year on

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hoc (aged 79, Ngo Khem village, Binh Nghia municipality, Binh Luc district, Ha Nam) and his 43-year-old wife are busy taking care of children during the Lunar New Year. Their wedding once caused a stir in public opinion. In 2010 the bride is only 29 years old and the bridegroom is 72 years old. Until now, this love story, "uncle-nephew," still makes village residents talk about it.

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After nearly 10 years of sharing a roof, the couple "Uncle – grandchildren" had three children together. In 2013, Ms. Bish was pregnant and gave birth to twins (one boy, one girl), and in 2016 Miss Bish was pregnant for the second time.

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In the age of loss, weak eyes and feet, sickness, daily care for young children is difficult for him. "Everyday life is already fighting. Tet is just like the usual day, there are Tet kids of big girls who want to buy kumquat, buy flowers. I told them to sell it, sell them full sugar, except everything. Listen to me and say that, "said Mr. Hawk.

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Throughout the day, caring for their children and caring for the man and the illness made Bich sometimes feel tired: "Since he just married, the baby is happy, but the children grow up, their lives are full of worries."

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Soon after losing her father and her sister, she lived with a disabled mother who received a $ 300,000 grant. She suffered from deformities in her legs as she lived in poverty. Her life is still as difficult as before, but worries about the future of three children will make her even more sad.

No peach, no-moon Tet feast of couple

Currently, Mr. Hock can not go and take the bottle as before, he stays at home, doing extraordinary work at home. The whole family has 5 mouths to live thanks to its 1.6 million VND / monthly allowance.

Non-peach, non-lunar new year on

According to Hawk, when he was a young man, he took part in the battlefields of Quang Bin and Quang Tri, after which he wandered through the southern provinces. In the 1990s, he returned to his hometown and lived in a green house that his parents lagged behind.

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Ms. Bich said that in the past, neighbors loved and helped their families. On the occasion of the Thet feast, local government supported a small weight of rice and meat so that Teth's holiday helped the children. The children were wearing old clothes that were given to them by the people, and they had no conditions to buy them.

Non-peach, non-Tet festival of

Bich's biggest concern is that when her husband dies, she worries whether she may grow up to become a man.

Digging, permanent Tet the couple's holiday

Mr. Hock said, "Now that I have almost my whole life, I can only fear one day when I no longer know how my wife and children will be."

Non-peach, non-lunar new year on

Mr. Hawk and his wife want to have a brighter future so that the Lunar New Year is more complete, but their husbands are old and weak and their wives are busy working so that their children can not go to work, making life more difficult. Uncomfortable, carefree Tet of the couple "Uncle-couple".

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