Monday , July 26 2021

Vietnam Futsal defeated Indonesia 1-3 in bronze battles

After failing in the semi-final against Malaysia, the Vietnam futsal team entered with great determination before Indonesia in hopes of winning a bronze medal. Miguel Rodrigo's squad started well with a corner kick from a corner, Dang Anh Tai struck the goalkeeper.

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Vietnam white futsal football (white shirt) at the 2018 Southeast Asian Futsal Championship (Photo: VFF).

But, cold ice water forms Indonesia's fighting spirit when cornered. This is not the first time the home team has taken the lead. Along with cheers from the four crowd, the home team played more excited. On the other end of the line, Vietnam's futsal telephone proved the unbearable pressure from the stands should not be lowered as expected.

17 minutes into the match, Andri Kustiawan confirmed that the home side had a goalless draw.


The situation began to be difficult for Vietnam's futsal phone at the start of the second half, Indonesia turning the heat on the pitch with a back lead after the final stage as a left-hand lane outside the Faidasa penalty area, burning clean of the goal. Goalkeeper Van Y. In the second half, Rasyid kicked a beautiful free kick, increasing the score to 3-1 for Van Islands.

With nothing left to lose, Vietnam futsal soccer was forced to use power-play tactics, when the goalkeeper withdrew to strengthen players to increase attack power. However, Miguel Rodrigo's forces were helpless against the well-organized Indonesian defense system. In the end, Vietnam futsal football has been defeated with a score of 1-3, accepting to stand in fourth place in futsal Southeast Asia.


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