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Vietnam gets more than 1 billion hot bonuses

Saturday, 11/17/2018 05:32 (GMT + 7)

Vietnamese football was awarded after Malaysia's victory.

Vietnam gets 1.1 billion heat

After a 2-0 defeat to Malaysia, teacher teacher Park Hang Seo was awarded the Vietnam Football Association (VFF) 600 million. In addition, T & T Group also donated 500 million VND for the impressive performance of Cong Phuong and his colleagues.

My Dinh Theater sets a record for the number of viewers

Until now, the biggest match of the match was Vietnam's 2-0 victory over Malaysia on November 16 when more than 40,000 spectators arrived at My Dinh Stadium.

Vietnamese fans are also the biggest fans on the field so far. Especially in the confrontation between Laos and Vietnam, the Laos National Stadium has presented 12,000 Vietnamese fans in a total of 15,000 spectators to the stadium.

Myanmar lost the pillar against Vietnam

Despite Laos' 3-1 win at the top of Group A, Myanmar's team suffered heavy losses when striker Thein Than Win will be suspended for the next match for receiving two yellow cards. Than Win was warned in the first round for playing poorly and would not be able to take a left-wing run position in the match against Vietnam at home. Than Win made 26 appearances for Myanmar.

AFF Cup latest news on 17/11: Vietnam gets more than 1 billion hot bonuses - 1

Thein Than Win (red shirt) will be postponed the next match

4 times the fireworks at My Dinh

According to statistics, in My Dinh past flares have been burned up to four times in the stands, both before and in Vietnam-Malaysia. Despite efforts to control the situation and then fire from security officers, too many flames were burned that the AFC would likely impose heavy fines on the VFF, including the arrest of Vietnam. There were no spectators in the match against Cambodia.

Thai stars urge fans to come

After less than 10,000 spectators watched the Thailand match – Timor Leste at home, Tanaboon Kesarat from Thailand said he hoped the match to Indonesia would have more spectators at the Rajamangala Stadium. "Empty seats will have a negative impact on the players, but the roar of the stadium will be a source of stimulation for us," he said.

Xuan Truong continued to score points during interviews

The 23-year-old Vietnamese team team scored points in the eyes of fans with a very thorough interview in Vietnamese and English. In a post-match interview with Malaysia, Xuan Truong said the visitors had control over the game but Vietnam took advantage of the opportunity better.

AFF Cup hot news on 17/11: Vietnam was awarded more than 1 billion hot - 2

Xuan Truong (red shirt, No. 6) shows the ability to use English in world press interviews

Many Vietnamese fans are disappointed with the problem of flares

Even though the security staff and the BTC stadium, Dinh, I tried to stop, but the flare on stage during the match between Vietnam and Malaysia still happened. This caused the anger of many fans because Vietnam faced the possibility of kicking the crowd in the final match against Cambodia (24/11).

Malaysian fans "not serving"

After the home team lost 0-2 at My Dinh Stadium, many Malaysian fans still could not accept the truth and said that this was only a "lucky" victory from Vietnam. On the official Facebook page of the Malaysian Football Federation, there are various opinions. Even a fan said that Malaysia had almost no door to the semifinals after losing to Vietnam.

Vietnamese dressing rooms criticized

To warm up before the match between Vietnam and Malaysia, BTC AFF Cup 2018 has posted a scene in the Vietnam team's dressing room. Soon, some Malaysian fans mocked "student dormitories" with "poor" equipment.

Malaysian fans impressed

The Malaysian delegation to Vietnam was impressed by international enthusiasm. They sang endlessly and continued to cheer the home team even lost. On the official AFF Cup 2018 facebook, many Vietnamese fans expressed their love for this enthusiasm.

"Thanks to Malaysian fans who made a great match at My Dinh Stadium," said a supporter of Vietnam.

Vietnam - Malaysia: Cong Phuong boom, 3 convincing points (AFF Cup)

Vietnam Tel to Malaysia in My Dinh in important matches from table A.

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