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VN: Former President Le Duc Anh died

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Mr Le Duc Anhh served as President of Vietnam from September 1992 to September 1997.

Former Vietnamese President, former Defense Secretary General Le Duc Anne, died in Hanoi, where he has a 99-year-old life, according to official Vietnamese media.

The State News Agency, the Vietnam News Agency, said on April 22:

According to the Central Committee for Protection and Healthcare of Staff: Comrade Le Duke Ann, born in 1920, a former Politburo member, former president of the state, after a period of illness, although granted by the party. The state, the college of professors and doctors dedicated to care, the family took care of everything, but because of age and weakness, the comrades died at 20:10 on April 22, 2019. in the Public House, No. 5A, Hoang Dieu Street, Hanoi. "

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"General Le Duke Ann is a former member of the Politburo, former Deputy Secretary of the Central Military Commission, Defense Minister, Former President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Former Adviser to the Central Committee of the Party," Tuoi Joy. The child presented the recent biography of politicians on Monday.

General Le Duke Anne served as Defense Minister from 1987 to 1991, then served as President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam until September 1997, playing an important role in normalization. the diplomatic system between Vietnam and China and the United States, "the paper added.

The online newspaper VnExpress on April 22 also reported the biography of former President Le Duc Anh.

"He participated in the 1937 Revolution in the Democratic Front of Fu Wang and Fu Lh District, Tua Thien Hue Province, one year later, he was admitted to the Communist Party of Vietnam, and in 1944 he organized and served. Rubber Union at Loc Ninh.

After the August Revolution in 1945, he held positions from the platoon leader, the political battalion commissioner, the regiment, and from October 1948 he was chief of the headquarters of the military area 7, the military zone 8 and the special zone Sai. Gon – Cho Lon Since 1951 he has been Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief of the Southern Command Headquarters, then Deputy Director of Operations Department, Director of the Military Staff of the General Staff of the Vietnam People's Army.

Since August 1963 he has been Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People's Army. In February 1964 and 1974, he was Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of the Southern Liberation Army, commanding the 9th Military Region. "

"Rising Ranking"

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Mr. Le Duc Anh met once with Senator John Kerry, an American veteran of the Vietnam War

Still according to VnExpress, Mr. Le Duke Anne served as Deputy Commander of the 1974 Liberation Army of the South:

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In June 1974, he was promoted to a higher rank by Colonel to Lieutenant General, served as Deputy Commander of Ho Chi Minh and South West Army Commander to attack Saigon.

"When the country was united, he served as commander of War Zone 9, Commander and Political Commissar of the Military Region 7, and commander of the front department of the South West Front Ministry of Defense, was promoted to the rank of senior general in 1980,

In 1981-1986 he was Deputy Minister of Defense, simultaneously commanding the Vietnam Volunteer Army in Cambodia and was elected to the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Fifth Party (1982); since 1984 he has served as Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People's Army since 1986.

General Le Duke Anne served as Minister of Defense in February 1987. In 1992 he was elected President of the National Assembly, and since 1997 has served as Advisor to the Central Committee of the Party until his retirement. 2001 "

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Mr. Le Duc Anh is the Vietnam Defense Minister of 2 / 1987-8 / 1991

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"After retiring (April 2001), General Le Duc Anne still takes care of the time and the situation in the country, he is very concerned about public administration, the relationship between the state, including the army, with people.

"When there is a scandal due to forced land acquisition in Tian Lang, Hai Phong in 2012, former President Le Duke Anne and some of the older men spoke loudly asking for the people and the authorities to clarify correctly and wrongly all levels in this case, and to oppose military involvement in land application.

"Speaking to the press at the time, he said:" Some cadres and party members who are politically and morally degraded have unfair actions that have diminished their confidence in the party, the state, and themselves. I see that is also a problem.

"I think that in party personnel, party cadres who degrade and contradict the basic principles of the party make mistakes in the constitution and the law must be rigorously examined."

That same day led the news of the Vietnamese news agency on the death of Mr Le Duke Ann, the electronic version of the People's Army newspaper for more information:

"The ceremony, the memorial ceremony and the funeral ceremony of Mr. Le Duke Ann will be announced later."

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