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VoHong Yen met the open fire problem on TV

Monday, 26/11/2018 16:10 (GMT + 7)

In Episode 8 Vietnam 2018, "Wa Hong Yen" almost met the costume accident when the shirt cut off a neck neck.

Vo Hun Yen met the red light problem in television - 1

Vo Hoang Yen, with the fans holding their breath for fear of an unpleasant shirt.

Does it seem that 3 coaches Vo Hoang Yen – Thanh Hang – Minh Hang alternate to create issues related to television? Never before the costume of the three beauties has created a dispute or through the eyes of the "keyboard characters".

In particular, in Episode 8 of The Face, Vo Hoang Yen, dressed in a female costume. But with the angle of rotation, he accidentally took out a supermodel cycle. The distance is as thin as the thread, Vo Voice Yen will be on TV. Say goodbye how "firefire to restore glory" maybe just because the first round is too big to be blocked? The point is, many fans worry, worry, not long legs. Vo Hun Yen has a weight problem, because her suit tends to load, to cover the body. But sexy dress, embrace, more than once Vo Hoang Yen hard to do.

Wong Hong Yen met the blush of the TV

The long legs who are careless in the scene without knowing that the clothes for trouble are "

VoHong Yen met the red light problem in television - 3

The long legs exposed to fat belly lean, looking forever do not see the curve as the ocean wave of supermodel.

Although the surgery has shrunk the ring many times, but her breasts are still quite large in proportion to their weight. If the previous episode sucks the supermodel 1, the man looks like choking, this time even cheerful breasts are not good. However, the majority of fans believe that success or not should be evaluated in many aspects, clothes problems are only very small details. Wu Hang Jang himself, with his work as a model of an unplanned incident, is inevitable, the most important is the speed sensitive and timely treatment.

One of the breakthrough tactics that Hoang Yen often uses is to cover round 1. Whether on television or on the track, it always masters the situation in the supermodel

Vooh Jun Yen met the problem of the open dress, causing blush on television - 4

Vo Hong Yen's hand to cover his chest for fear of revealing sensitive areas.

Vo Hun Yen met the problem with the open dress on television - 5

Wong Hong Yen met the red dress issue on TV - 6

Vooh Jun Yen met the red dress issue on TV - 7

Round 1 was pressed as if to explode in the pattern of healthy skirt.

Vo Hun Yen met the problem of the open dress on television - 8

Just because the first round that Vong Hong Yen has not escaped from the "grass" revealed

In Hoang Yen:

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