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What does director Do Thanh Hai say about apple suspension 2019?

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Before the rumors of Apple stopped, director Do Thanh Hai confirmed that the program would continue to meet TV viewers on the night of the 30th.


Before the rumors of Apple stopped, director Do Thanh Hai confirmed that the program would continue to meet TV viewers on the night of the 30th.

At the end of the record of 2018 Apple Pie, "Traffic Apples" Chi Trung – who for many years participated in the orchestra Apple suddenly said goodbye to the fans of the program on the page.

This artist said that this year is the last year he has been involved in apples because he is old, not enough to follow the schedule from day to day, sometimes 2-3 hours of rest. , in the morning after 6 o'clock in the morning he had to go to work. During the days leading up to his retirement, he wants to dedicate himself to programs in the Youth Theater, where he acted as acting director and engaged in the beginning of his career.

This artist also said that the apple has reached its peak and the peak will be steep, which means only down. So it's time to stop moving to a new program.

Many of the participants in the apple are passionate and love this program.

The question is "honest sincerity that is not afraid of losing" the artist Chi Trung has raised many opposing views. Some have said that if the artist gets tired of an apple, he can withdraw, but the program has to go on with the audience because there is no apple that is not interesting.

However, much of the good news for 2018 Apple TV will be the latest show that will make many viewers like this program to be puzzled and sorry. But recently, director Do Thanh Hai, director of the Film Production Center, Vietnam, has officially confirmed that it does not stop Apple's army, which will continue to create this program.

Director Do Thanh Hai confirmed: "We are still implementing the" Get to know the end of the year "program, of course, it will be difficult, many challenges the audience expects a lot.

The Director confirmed that the crew was preparing the contents. Typically, members of the editorial staff will form the remaining editions of the year. This team consists of many members and each of them will be responsible for writing some of their strengths.

Director Do Thanh Hai insisted on continuing to apply 2019 apples.

"We once again agreed to sit on the back of the tiger, hoping to find a better exploitation problem," director Do Thanh Hai says.

According to VFC's chief commander, along with "Get to know the end of the year" in 2019, many special television programs during Moonlight New Year and Moonlight New Year also encourage promises to bring the audience. Many choices of TV in the new year.

Artist Cong Ly revealed that to get a program of Guan Quan brought joy to the audience every New Year's night is how many people have to sweat, tears, effort, gray matter, money Every question, character, song, costume, context … is creative process and prepare.

So he devotes himself very much to this program. And despite his health every year, he always tries to dedicate himself to the apple. "Apples are still going on, Cong Ly is still involved," said Cong Li.

Photo by artist Xuan Bac shared on his personal page when he met Apple's implementation team.

In fact, recently, the merits of Juan Bak suddenly revealed the painting prepared for apple juice from 2019. Accordingly, Tu Long, Xuan Bac, director Do Thanh Hai, Khai Anh … had a meeting to discuss Apples 2019. So far, however, the artists will have. The face of the Apple Army 2019 is still a secret.

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