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Which are the most impressive 5 stars?

Sunday, January 27, 2019 00:15 (GMT + 7)

It is not difficult to choose the best names of Vietnam Tel after you have to stop at the Asian Cup 2019 quarterfinals.

Looking back at Vietnam's 2 goals to the Yemen network (Asian Cup 2019):

Dang Van Lam

After a relatively successful debut on the 2018 AFF Cup, goalkeeper Dang Van Lam continued to be fully placed on the Asian Championship by Park Seo. With a height of 1888, a stable game mentality and very good reflexes, goalkeeper Dang Van Lamm has become a solid support for Vietnamese defenders in the Asian Cup's 2019 Cup.

A total of 23 strokes reached the target that Vietnam should get, Van Lamp admitted 7 times but had 16 extra savings. In this tour Van Lam lost 2 fixed goals against Iraq and Japan. However, the Vietnamese-Russian goalkeeper is still worthy of praise, especially after shining in the penalty shootout against Jordan and after 90 minutes against Japan.

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Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam had great appearances in the Asian Cup

Nguyen Thong Hoang

Competent races in the right wing corridor, Trong Hoang fans like Vietnam's "non-lung" when the player is tireless. In the match against Jordan, Nghe's star made a cross for Cong Phuong to make it 1-1.

A player tends to play attacks, creating mutations. Now, Trong Hoang has become a "super defender" in the hands of Hang Seo Coaching Park. Many times in this year's tournament, the 29-year-old Vietnamese player was scored by Fox Sports Asia 8.

Que Ngoc Hai

Becoming a captain of the Vietnamese team instead of Van Quett, central defender Que Ngoc Hai continues to show his strong will even though he plays at the continental level. With the entry, braking or even rescue phase, Que Ngoc Hai deserves the captain's belt and leads the men Duy Manh, Bui Tien Dung or Van Hau. On the Asian Cup 2019, Hai "cinnamon" does not make mistakes in the goals of the Vietnamese wire.

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Que Ngoc Hai deserves the leader of "Golden Stars"

Nguyen Quang Hai

Although only one super product on the net, but Quang Hai still deserves to be Vietnam's top player Tel when playing 5 games. According to statistics, Quang Hai is the second highest pass in the team (246 lines) and has a successful pass rate of 46.7%. In the match against Japan, the midfielder of the Hanoi club is the inspiration of his teammates and he has almost achieved a goal in the face.

Nguyen Kong Fuong

To talk about the most impressive player in the Vietnamese Asian Cup 2019, it is impossible not to mention the name Cong Phuong. The star of HAGL plays passionately and scores 4/5 goals at Golden Stars. In addition, Cong Phuong scored 2 goals directly, including a 1-1 equalizer to help Vietnam overcome Jordan on the 11th.

Vietnam Tel & Asian Cup Magic Trip: Which is the most impressive 5 stars? - 3

Cong Phuong still needs further improvement

Korea gets a tragedy in the Asian Cup: Bitter because of

Quite accidentally, when Korean and Vietnamese phones are damaged by VAR in the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup.

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