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Why did the giants of Real Estate Duong Bach Diep have arrested a number of officials? | Work Online | LAODONG.VN

Among the five prosecutors were Ms. Duong Thi Bach Duo, a famous giant of real estate in Saigon.

Famous businessmen, unexpected … cheating

In a statement issued by the Department of Public Security, the CSDT agency in the afternoon of January 25, businessman Douong Thi Bach DuPh, director of Deep Bach Duong Real Estate, was prosecuted for "fraudulent appropriation of property."

Ms. Duong Thi Bach Diep at the Investigation Agency. Photo: Ministry of Public Security
Ms. Duong Thi Bach Diep at the Investigation Agency. Photo: Ministry of Public Security

In addition, a former deputy chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Tai and three other officials were also persecuted for "violating state asset management rules, causing losses and losses."

Information about prosecution, arrest for former employees or heirs recently in Ho Chi Minh did not surprise the public.

However, the case of female entrepreneur Douong Thi Bach DuP, as the accused "deception," caused a series of indigo employees to be quite odd.

Ms. Douong Thi Bh Du Puip was known in the real estate estate when she had many places in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. In particular, it is known to be the first owner of the super-luxury Rolls Royce Phantom with a unique 77L-7777.

In the past, there have been a number of complaints alleging that Ms Dip has had fraudulent practices concerning earth-related incidents in the center of Ho Chi Minh. At that time the great lady was still at the top and did not understand why the silent rebuke.

Nearly ten years ago, Mrs. Deop's name was barely heard. Due to its age, business and property markets have been gradually withdrawn, mostly exploited by the gold land of real estate, now "should not be done."

A typical case

The case that the woman accused of a "swindle" involving a public exchange at the Ho Chi Minh City Music Center (under the direction of the Ho Chi Minh City Ministry of Culture) has caused serious losses and damage to property. Member State. The source of information says that some of the defendants in the case when the present has signs of personal interest have been beneficial for women to use the land of gold property.

It is reported that Ms. Duong Thi Bach Diep, born in 1948, is a native of Binh Dinh. However, Ms. Dip was born, studied, married and working in Hai Phong. After 1975 she went to Nam to start her career and gradually became known as a giant of real estate.

Ms Deop has represented 4 real estate law firms, but only 2/4 of them are still in operation, including: Deep Bach Duong Real Estate Limited (Hai Ba Trung, Ward 6, District 3) and Nam Nam Phuong Company Limited (Le Van Huu Street, Ben Nghe District 1).

Diep Bach Duong takes part in the case, which has just been pursued with the authorized capital of over BGN 905.6 billion. In which Mrs. Dipp accounted for 57.54% of the capital, the remaining 42.46% was the daughter of Nguyen Ti Chau Ha.

There was a time when the name of Mrs. Duong Thu Bach Duo was quite popular in real estate when she had many beautiful lands in the center of Ho Chi Minh, such as a hotel project – a conference center, a wedding party over 3100 m2 on 179Bis Street, Hai Ba Trung Street, District 3; The 5-star Dine Bouch Duong Hotel Senla Boutique … These projects existed "on paper" and the projects were restored by the state.

About 5-6 years ago when rumors of bankruptcy began, they were persecuted, but Ms. Dip was still very calm. It was then exposed to the media to claim that the debt on assets owned by it is only a small number. She also said the supercar was not lucky, so they decided to sell this exceptional car for charity.

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