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Why do the rich do not invest money for these 6 things?

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 (GMT + 7)

Things that make more money or things that bring joy will make people with intelligent financial thinking spend a lot of money.

Kimberly Palmer, a personal finance expert at Nerdwallet, has identified a good money producer as a strategist for how to make money and spend money effectively. According to the expert, there are always criteria that good people do when they want to buy money to buy any product.

If you wonder what things people who are good at making money feel worth spending more, then these are the six things intelligent financial strategists are willing to make big money:

1. The service saves time

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Cleaning or purchase time can be used for more money (Source: Shutterstock)

Buy goods delivered to the place instead of going directly to the store, renting personal laundry or renting a cleaning house. Please do so if you can make more money while doing these tasks, "said Palmer.

"For me, money should serve the life you want, and that means spending time with work that makes you happy. The best you can do with your money is to use it to free up time, "said Kimberly Palmer.

2. Things help make more money

Money that will help you get to work is a good investment. Palmer's list includes first-day professional wear, a good laptop or a trusted car. If they are important to your work with monetization, it allows you to work better is also a little clumsy.

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Effective work equipment is always a decent investment (Source: Getty Images)

Palmer also believes that investing in a leader is really needed, whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur. "Everything hard and challenging for you, investing in a leader will help you solve all the problems," she said, which is a useful investment.

3. Kitchen with high quality equipment

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You will be more inspired to cook at home when you have a good kitchen. (Source: Africa Studio)

People with smart financial strategies always invest in family kitchen with the most modern and convenient equipment. This can help save you from eating at home and provide significant health benefits compared to eating a restaurant.

Palmer's kitchen is a Nespresso coffee machine. She said this saves time at cafes, waiting and ordering. She could sit in the kitchen, enjoying a cup of coffee to do as she liked, calm and relaxed.

4. Fitness room

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Exercises help improve health and relaxation to get energy. (Source: Fort Rucker)

Exercise costs with Palmer is a decent investment. The expert always invests a lot of money for sports services. This is also one of the ways to improve health and quality of life. "Feeling great and giving me more energy."

5. Things are glad

– There are costs that others consider to be wasteful. Do not worry about the good people who make money, who always know how to satisfy their own joys with such money making decisions.

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Money for passion is never a waste of money (Source: Flickr)

If you love photography, the camera is a great investment. But if you're happy with photos with your camera's camera, the camera is not needed. "It's very much up to what brings you joy, and that's the best" game "for you," said Kimberly Palmer.

6. High quality recovery maps

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A premium travel card can save quite a bit if you travel often. (Source: Shutterstock)

High-quality service cards often come with high annual fees, but in return for many benefits or attractive refund rules. These cards offer better value than savings cards without paying an annual fee. As such, these fees are completely worth it. So invest in privileged cards if you regularly use a service.

For example, if you regularly travel by plane, open travel credit cards or select affiliate banks to donate miles when you spend.

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