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Wu Ziuun marries her lover at the age of 19

Monday, 26 November 2012 14:30 (GMT + 7)

After disagreement with her biological mother, Wu announced today that she had married her mistress over 9 years of age.

Jackie Chan's daughter and Ngo Ỷ Loi said this morning, and her girlfriend, aged 12 and over, is married. She showed her personal profile with the "kissing lips" affair until the marriage, registered in Canada on 8.11.2018.

Accompany him with the line can not be more salty and sincere: "Finally, our love has been recognized by the law … We have retained our happiness, overcome fear, accepted the shortcomings of others to realize that the people who hurt us will always hurt us …"

Jackie Chen's private husband married her 19-year-old lesbian

Wu also shared "Love is weak and strong, love will change things and win everything. "

Little Lady's wife is a Canadian hot girl named Andy and 12-year-old Wu Traklin. They met from Valentine's Day last year. Andy and his girlfriend rushed to Canada shortly thereafter, and by November this year they were officially in the same house.

Jackie Chan's private husband marries her lesbian 19-2.

Wu Zhou with Andy's girlfriend.

The Hong Kong media reported that Wu Zongon and his girlfriend Andy returned to Hong Kong due to the unfavorable business, as well as the two types of rents in Canada for two months. This time only with her girlfriend she quietly returned to Hong Kong for help from her mother Wu Ỷ Loi.

But they were all rejected by Wu Ziyun. As soon as she landed at the airport, Chan's daughter was questioned by a reporter whether to go back to marry in Hong Kong or not, she said openly, "All of them have a surprise!"

Jackie Chan's private husband married a same-sex partner aged 19-3

The relationship is never normal between the mother and the child.

It is well known that Wu Ziuyun has changed his surname from the Ngo family to the Tran family in the hope of being recognized by his famous father (the name of Jack Chan is Tran Chang Chang). This forced the conflict between Wu Zonglin's daughters when the relationship between them was not as intimate as other mothers and fathers.

Jackie Chen's private husband married her 19-year-old lesbian

She always wanted to get recognition from her famous father.

Once the news of the marriage is published, everyone hopes that W. Jwian will be happy as she wishes, will understand the story and be less turbulent, because after all this, everyone saw the mother Wu herself. How happy is how unfortunate.

Jackie Chan married her gay partner on 19-6

Jackie Chan's private husband married a 19-7 partner

Jackie Chen's private husband married her 19-year-old lesbian

Some pictures of the couple.

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