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25 players did not know they were making a mistake in Ultimate

Now what Super Brosh has been out for more than a month, most players have begun to be really used to the game. Most players now have each unlocked character, in addition to the different stages. Also, almost all at this time have decided their "basic", and most people are already fully aware of the movements of their primary character. That's why you play Smash Ultimate in online matches, in competitions or even against friends, may be harder than it sometimes seems. Often, this is because we do not always realize that we make small mistakes while playing the game, especially if we only play in single player mode.

The small aspects of the game that some players think they are really adept at are not as clever as they think. In addition, some players are coming Smash Ultimate with the same set used in previous games. While some moves and tactics may have worked in similar games Super collide and Super Smash Bros. for WiiU, they do not always translate the best in Super Brosh, given that some characters are "nerfed" and some moves have been weaker in this particular game.

Based on what we've learned over the past month, we've compiled a list of minor bugs that you can do in your competitive gameplay to help you achieve the best go bankrupt player on the board.

there they are 25 players did not know they were doing wrong Super Brosh,

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25 We try to be good to every hero

Given that Smash Ultimate there are more characters than any other Super Smash Bros. game, it's easy to get into the habit of trying to play as any character, especially at the beginning, while unlocking each new character one by one.

This, however, is one of the biggest mistakes you can make if you are hoping to become an experienced player. Each character in the game is different from the other and to become truly good with character, you have to get used to what you can do. Jumping from Mario to Jigglypuff's Rhythm to any other hero on board can mess up your gameplay, making you a mediocre (at best) each hero instead of being great in one or two characters.

24 We are constantly moving towards your opponent

Especially in one-on-one games, one of the most used strategies people use subconsciously, moves towards your opponent during the battle, which is actually a big mistake. This is something people rarely notice that they are doing, so it is important to be careful.

If you constantly move to your opponent, you are always in the offense that gives your opponent more time to prepare. Unlike sports or other games, Smash Bros. often works best if you are in defense because you have more opportunities to attack your opponent if they come to you. Taking all this into consideration, it is usually better to stay on the pitch than to pursue your opponent and be blinded.

23 Play too many CPU symbols

One of the things that can hurt your competitive style of fighting is just playing against computer gamers. While processors have become much more advanced than they were during arcade days, today's processors continue to follow a certain amount of encryption. When we fight CPU Super Smash Bros., we do not fight another player, but instead we only fight a certain amount of coding.

Game against processors can be fun and challenging, but it's a totally different game of ball than competitive games against other players. The crunching of computers only will not prepare you for what it is against another player to the smallest degree, so you probably do not have too much habit to play against the CPU only.

22 You try to fly back to the scene as quickly as possible

When you fall from or near the edge of the platform or scene, your first instinct usually does what you can to get back. While this should remain your instinct if you play as a character like Little Mac, it may not be the best strategy if you play as a hero with a great rebound.

If another player strikes you from the edge of the stage, they will expect you to come back exactly where you were repulsed for the first time, basically turning this place into a trap for you. If you play a hero with great jumping skills or a great Up-B, you may want to try to go somewhere else, possibly see how high in the air you can go, and then slide down to any other point on the map, just to keep the advantage of our opponent.

21 Jump after each hit

Some players use the strategy to hit their opponent and then jump into the air to repel their attacks after each hit. Although this can work well with processors, this is not the best strategy in a racing match.

First, the simple act of jumping will take away your warrior's vital skills for a vital second. Additionally, if you use this after every move, your opponent will capture and will respond accordingly. Instead, it has been found that moving backwards from an opponent after a hit is much more effective. However, the most effective strategy in this context would actually be to use a combination of instructions to escape after hitting your opponent to stay unpredictable.

20 Play as Luigi instead of Mario

Mario is basically the face of the game, so picking Mario may not seem "cool". Because of this, many players tend to choose Luigi because they like Mario's skill set but do not want to look stereotypical. However, at least in Smash UltimateMario is certainly a better choice than Luigi.

While in his previous games Luigi was certainly a powerful hero, he was very annoyed Smash Ultimate. Almost everything he can do, Mario is able to do better. The only aspect of Luigi that really stands out is his powerful Final Smash, but even that does not compensate for anything that Nintendo has played for Luigi this time.

19 Introducing Autopilot

Smash Ultimate is visually beautiful, with movement and colors that are virtually hypnotic. It is therefore extremely easy to get into the "autopilot" while playing Smash Ultimate, playing a recurring set of movements without even thinking about what you are doing. While this may make you feel like an expert, be able to play the game without even thinking it's actually the most dangerous thing you can do.

When you get into this habit, you almost always ignore the perfect opportunity to take out your enemy by making only minor damage to your opponent instead of completing them. If you want to defeat your opponent, you will have to pay attention all the time because the chances are that they still pay attention even if you are not. If you ever get caught playing on an autopilot, immediately take it off. Stop the habit until you can.

18 Undoing Young Link

In this game there are several versions of Link that make it easier to ignore the two younger versions of the character and consider the actual connection to be a huge threat. However, the most powerful link in the game is Young Link, which is a lot Smash Ultimate players overlook.

Young Link has an incredible move, from throwing boomerangs to throwing bombs and even shooting with fire arrows. What really makes him stand out is the speed of Young Link as he is able to use all of these movements in a short period of time by being able to complete his opponent in seconds.

17 Do not watch "professionals"

Like most popular video games, there are many online videos to people playing Super BroshAlthough there are so many videos that it may be easy to ignore them because most videos are from amateur players, it does not mean that you should avoid all the players who post videos.

There are a lot of "professional" go bankrupt players there. These are the ones who win international races and know every detail of the game. Given that these are "masters", there are quite a few, which you can learn from just watching what they are doing. Some great examples are ZeRo, MKLEo and Nairo.

16 Planning at the moment, rather than planning

By linking to the negative effects of "autopilot", planning ahead can not be detrimental to your performance in battle. Many players have the instinct to jump into a clash during a match without any plans to come out, whether it's by landing in close places on the course or between two opponents.

While your short-term plan should always be to make as much damage as possible, you should always remember your long-term plan: victory. If you're about to run yourself into an opponent, you always have an escape plan if things go south.

15 Use Ness instead of Lucas

Like Mario Luigi's failure, some players would rather play as Ness than Lucas, thinking that they have essentially the same set of skills and based their choices only aesthetically and outwardly. However, at least in Smash UltimateLucas is the clear choice for Ness.

Lucas can essentially do whatever Ness can, but much more. His snake gives him a powerful grip, and his magical capabilities look a little easier to control than Ness, as he is able to kill opponents on the map with ease. If your "principal" is Ness and you have not tried so much Lucas, you might want to think about giving this obvious doppler a chance to fight.

14 Shields are not used

For some reason some go bankrupt Players have in their minds that using a shield during a battle is a "scam". This is a seemingly impenetrable defense that is obviously frustrating to confront, because it is capable of diverting some of the strongest attacks.

This disappointment causes some players not to want to be "this guy" who uses the shield, but in the end, if you want to win some real battles in Smash Ultimate, you will have to start shouting with the shields. Pressing the button on the shield should become a second character. Also, for recording, the use of a shield is definitely not a scam because almost every processor player uses them.

13 "Load" your last hit

Mega Man's final blow

The last strikes look so rare and powerful Smash Ultimate that some players decide that they would rather stay on Smash after being available instead of using it, as a result of which their character shines brightly for a good part of the fight. However, this is not always the best idea.

If you use your final punch just when you get it, you will have a better chance of catching your opponent unprepared. Otherwise, your opponent can simply try to avoid you by the end of the battle and use only long distance attacks. Also, depending on how you earned this ultimate Smash, you can lose it if you wait too long just by running out of Smash if you get it from a ball or by taking down the card before you can attack ,

12 Inclink ink is not enough

Considering that it (or he, depending on the skin) is one of the latest additions to go bankrupt franchise, it is understandable for players not to know how to fully use this character. Inkling's real power comes from the ink that she can come out on her opponents because the ink makes them more vulnerable to her attacks.

While most people know how to use Inkling ink, they do not use it properly. To get the most out of Inkling, you only have to stop scattering the ink on your opponents when they are completely covered with ink and are not satisfied with anything less.

11 Underestimation of Diddy Kong

In the fight against Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, most people see Donkey Kong as the biggest treatment, simply because of its size and the impact it throws away. However, both Smash 4 and Smash Ultimate, Diddy Kong is the real threat you need to worry about.

Although Nintendo has made one of his capabilities since the last game, he is now probably stronger Smash Ultimate than before. His movement is much faster, which means he can move between the moves incredibly fast and catch up with every escaped enemy in seconds.

10 Watching your character rather than your opponent

Like most traditional videogames, most players have a long habit of keeping their eyes focused on their own character. While it is obviously important to know where your character is at all times, instead, you have to keep your opponent in the center of the eye line instead, and keep your character in your peripheral vision.

After all, if you purposefully try to monitor your opponent rather than yourself, you will achieve a balance between looking at yourself and your opponent who will raise your game, allowing you to know exactly what your opponent is doing at any given moment, while still being able to control your own character adequately.

9 Excessive use of Roll and Air Launch

Two strategies that some players use are throwing and firing the air, often with the help of Side-B moving back and forth across the stage or firing in the air constantly on the opponent. The problem of overuse of both is that they are quite difficult to control (depending on your character), which means that if you fall off the map, you probably will not be able to recover.

Although these moves are certainly good for use in moderate amounts, their use is always an extremely risky tactic that will almost never be paid off. In addition, it should be noted that the damage caused by the search of the enemy is much smaller than in the enemy Smash 4.

8 Do not focus on why you've lost your stocks

Once they have been knocked out of the card or defeated, many players tend to ignore it to stay positive, living now and not in the past. While this will help to maintain positivity, it is actually a bad strategy that will make you vulnerable that you will again be removed from the map in the same way.

Once you lose a stock, you must immediately remember what caused you to be blown off the map and consider ways you could prevent it. The chances are, if your opponent sees you being taken off the map in one way, they will try it again, seeing it as a weakness. Your job is to remove this weakness to take advantage of your opponent.

7 He does not play as King K. Rul

At this point, it's no secret that King K. Rul is the most powerful hero Smash UltimateSince there are strong blows, a great recovery and even a golden shield on his stomach. Although it may seem cliché or cheap to use King K. Rool at this time, there are really no rules against him, so why not choose the best character if your ultimate goal is to win?

King K. Rool is not only incredibly powerful but also very easy to play as he is able to get away from almost any place using the Up-B. Whether you choose Rool or not as the main one, you should definitely try this King of the Kremlin at least a few times to see if he works for you.

6 Use the same attacks more and more

Super Smash Bros. 4 Wii U game

Many players get caught using just one attack, whether it's Side-B, Up-B, or just using the weapon they've just taken. While it's always important to know and use your hero's best attack, using just one attack is more dangerous than not using this attack.

If you always use the same move, you will become predictable and your opponent soon will figure out what to do to deviate from your attacks and catch you unprepared. The trick is to mix your attacks to keep your opponent on your fingers.

5 Not knowing the restoration of your character

Small Mac Smash

This should be given, but if you go to competitive matches with characters you are not fully familiar with, it is extremely important to know what their recovery is and know the difference between the different characters you play.

For example, let's say your main one is Kirby and you are used to sailing all the way, but then switch to Mac Mac and forget you can not fly anymore. There is no place to go unless you go down. As soon as the game begins, it is important to refresh your memory with how much you can jump and what your Up-B is, just to prevent you from hitting the wrong button while you are in ruin.

4 Underestimating Djaglupuff

Juggle Smash Bros Ultimate

Jigglypuff is one of the most adorable characters in Super Smash Bros. series and is often seen as a character joke, with very few people actually taking her seriously. However, with the right player, Jigglypuff can be unbelievable in battle, as her side attacks are quite powerful, especially when she tries to finish someone.

Най-опасният аспект на Jigglypuff обаче е, че всеки, който играе като този Покемон, знае, че всички останали я подценяват, което им дава предимство, тъй като те могат непрекъснато да хващат опонентите си извън охраната. Не бъдете един от тези играчи, които получават блиндове от тази очарователна розова топка.

3 Прекаленото използване на специални движения

Подобно на прекаленото използване на руло или въздушен старт, използването на различни специални движения твърде много може да навреди на работата ви. Макар че обикновено това са най-силните атаки, които можете да използвате, това не означава, че не трябва да използвате основните атаки или различните оръжия, които се намират на борда.

В зависимост от това кой играете, най-добрата стратегия може да бъде да използвате само специалните движения, когато опонентът ви е далеч от вас (с изключение на Down-B, но все пак използвайте само това пестеливо). Когато сте близо до опонента си, използвайте комбинация от удари, за да съборите врага си и след това завършете със специален ход, но определено не се отваряйте със специални движения в борбата с ръцете в ръка.

2 Опитвате се да играете сериозно, когато сте уморени

Smash Ultimate Incineroar

Току-що се прибрах от дълъг, стресиращ училищен ден или работа. Вие сте разочаровани и уморени и не можете да се съсредоточите, така че решавате да практикувате своята конкурентоспособност Smash Ultimate game. Страхотна идея, нали? Не, не е.

Ако играеш go bankrupt конкурентно, когато сте стресирани или уморени, в крайна сметка ще нарани играта ви, тъй като няма да можете да се съсредоточите изцяло върху мача. Всъщност, това може да ви накара да свирите без фокус. Вместо това може да искате да експериментирате с опции за един играч go bankrupt когато сте уморени или стресирани, така че все още можете да се забавлявате, без да наранявате играта си.

1 Мисля, че не е нужно да се подобрява

Както всички неща в живота, никога няма да бъдете съвършени Smash Ultimate, Винаги ще имате място да подобрите уменията си. Поставянето на себе си в мисленето, че правите всичко правилно и не е нужно да се подобрявате, е изключително опасно и ще ви предпази от издигането на върха.

Дори най-доброто go bankrupt играчите в света все още тренират и непрекъснато се опитват да подобрят играта си и се отплащат. Освен ако не можете да преминете през всеки мач, без да вземете единичен процент щети, не сте перфектният играч и по този начин винаги трябва да търсите нови начини за подобряване, особено ако искате да сте най-добрите от най-добрите.

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