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A giant cavity was discovered in the glacier and that's bad news

A glacier seen from a NASA research plane flying over West Antarctica.
A glacier seen from a NASA research plane flying over West Antarctica.

Image: mario tama / Getty Images

Whether in your teeth or in an Antarctic glacier, the cavities are a bad sign.

The Thwaites glacier in West Antarctica has developed a cavity with roughly two-thirds of the size of Manhattan and about 1,000 feet high, according to a NASA study in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Thursday. This void space has a negative effect on accelerating the melting speed of the glacier and, on the other hand, how fast the sea levels rise.

Investigation from. T The New York Times from 2017, I looked at the Thwaites glacier, which is approximately the size of Florida, and how much ice is regularly thrown into the sea. The problem with this glacier is that it discards a lot and provides about 4% of the overall sea level rise in the world, according to NASA.

The newly discovered cavity previously contained 14 billion tons of ice, which is now water, and that means that the Tavites glacier melts faster than anyone thought. If the whole glacier melts, it will raise the sea level by more than two feet.

In 2018, a report from over 40 earth science agencies looking at ice loss in Antarctica found that the continent had lost three trillion tons of ice for 25 years, mainly from West Antarctica. This has a dramatic effect on the sea level, which has increased by 7 and a half millimeters only from the continent.

The melting of glaciers and rising sea levels, due to global climate change, has devastating effects on wildlife and coastal communities. With rising sea levels, coastal communities and low land levels become more flood-prone and will force millions of people to move.

The discovery of this cavity suggests that devastation is growing faster than we have previously imagined.

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