Wednesday , September 28 2022

AFCON 2019 as African Policy: Uganda Cranes Receive 1 Million Dollar End of Service


Football is both a place to gather and divert the attention of different people in Africa. But for many, it may be bigger than the first one.

The plagiarism allows for some delay for the political crisis in Burundi, the widespread repression of human rights in Egypt, and even the security crisis that bothers Mali.

This is all the more because even in countries where the teams are not in Egypt, people are feverish. At a purely satirical level, we are looking for parallels with political events – past, present – with incidents in the Egyptian fields.

Cranes cost 1 million dollars, M7 wonders for Mane's purpose

Although he was one of the teams that protested against unpaid bonuses, the Ugandan team who crashed AFCON at a round of 16, have received presidential praise at home.

By the way, President Museveni has promised a one million dollar prize to be shared between the team – call it an end to the service.

The President, in his commentary, also spoke especially about the goal that ended the journey to Uganda. "I do not know how Senegal has achieved this goal," he said in connection with Mane's strike in the 16-round clash.

"I see our players are suitable for young people. All they need is more stamina. Once again, I thank the team, "Museveni stressed.

Africa, where squirrels beat lions in the Sahara

Mostly, AFCON It involves a number of animals and elements of the solar system – thanks to the pseudonyms of the various national teams.

Lions roared (Senegal, Morocco) into the groups, the stars glowed (Ghana) and failed to shine (Tanzania and Kenya). Foxes in the desert (Tunisia) predominate until Junth (Guinea-Bissau) crashes.

Benin's squirrels came out of the biggest shock from AFCON after rejecting the favorites before the tournament, Atlas Lions of Morocco.

The squirrels started to eat the lions, who only returned for a long period of exchange in the Sahara. Eventually, the Squirrels turned out to be more powerful scars on the Lions and left them with severe pain-they could not roar.

Why Rwanda should conduct an investigation into the East African flop in Egypt

East and South Africa are the biggest losers after the first 12 days of action in Egypt. The two units had three teams sent by the race to not justify their inclusion – much like a non-payment of contributions.

CAF I had to write to them and ask them to get out of the plush hotels, "we can not keep spending on teams that can not even handle a respectable third position, please go," he may have said the letter – never You never know.

So East Africa went with four slots and three went back to Dar es Salaam, Gitega and Nairobi. For the purpose of accountability, there must be a probe of how the east has failed and thus put all its eggs in Uganda's basket – perhaps because only cranes lay eggs.

East African Community, EAC, currently run by Paul Kagame of Rwanda, so the jury – our jury – calls Kigali to summon all "downloaded" coaches to explain the triple loss of Burundi and coordinated losses from Tanzania and Kenya on days 1 and 3 ,

Senegal defeated Tanzania with two goals, Kenya took the same from Algeria on Day 1. When Algeria defeated Tanzania with three, Kenya also took the same from Senegal on Day 3. Match?

Oh, let's not forget, Kenya has to explain why they allowed the Tanzanians to celebrate twice the guys in the Swahili Derby and then return to beating them twice – on the pitch and in the social media.

We do not expect much from the probe, but that would reduce Tanzania's anger for Kenya, which beat them and loaded so many goals that they did not even get a qualified third place.

Careful attention to the cranes, the only holders of East African passports that conceal the hazy stars of Harambi and Taifa, not to forget the Gitega warriors who were beaten inside by their girls. Viva Cranes of Uganda.

We are returning to other matters of satirical importance, we see you from the other side.

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