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If you want to know what is the trend in the news, health, sports and lifestyle, then set yourself up in Africa. 54. The broadcast from Monday to Friday, this 30-minute program looks at the stories that Africans talk about with reports of VOA correspondents and interviews with leading experts and analysts. Africa 54 also provides viewers with timely information on health, education, business and technology. And for the young and young at heart Africa 54 provides a daily dose of pop culture, including music, fashion and entertainment.

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Meet the team:

Vincent McCormick is the editor – in – chief Africa 54, The Voice of America for Africa Daily TV Program. He also serves as a producer and writer Africa 54, Vincent is a multifaceted journalist with 20 years of experience working in Africa, Europe and the United States. VOA has been working for over 11 years.

Vincent has covered a wide range of stories, including the Africa Summit in Lusaka, Zambia, the US General Assembly in New York, the International Trade and Technology Fairs in Berlin and Hanover Germany. The International AIDS Conference, Mexico City, Mexico, and the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

He has interviewed people from all walks of life, including high-ranking officials and presidents, including former US President George W. Bush, President Binggua Mutari from Malawi, former Ghanaian President John Kufor, President Ifikepunye Pohamba of Namibia; Noble Laureate Wangari Maathai and Academic Lights as Prof. Ali Mazrui.

He has a post-graduate degree in mass communication at the University of Nairobi School of Journalism and a bachelor's degree in English literature from Moi University, Kenya. He has participated in a number of journalism training programs in Kenya, Germany and the United States.

Linorne Moodu is a producer and host of the African Health Network Africa 54, It also produces and accepts Health chat on the Voice of America radio – a real-time invitation program that looks at health issues of interest to Africa.

She began her career with Voice of America as a producer and host Healthy lifea weekly health magazine covering African health issues, including malaria, tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS. She also shared new discoveries and medical breakthroughs and gave tips and advice on how to prevent illness and live healthier.

Prior to joining VOA, Linord worked as a journalist in the field of radiography and print, traveling between Africa, Europe and the United States. In 2000, she created, produced and hosted "Spotlight for Africa," a bilingual (French-English) television and radio program for public access to television, and a new world radio station in Washington, USA. promoting a more positive image of Africa internationally through information and entertainment.

Her experience in the press includes the Journal Journal, the publication of the "Corporate Council for Africa", and AMINA magazine, a Paris-based magazine for women from Africa and the diaspora.

Linorne Moodu was born and raised in Cote d'Ivoire. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism and media productions from George Mason University and a TV and radio certificate from the Columbia School of Broadcasting. The veteran speaks freely in French, English and conversation in Spanish and Creole.

Internship opportunities

In the competitive and changing television industry, nothing is more valuable to job seekers than to the "real world." The Straight Talk Africa internship program offers motivated and outstanding students, exciting opportunities for practical journalism. In addition to helping our weekly studio programs on air, trainees also prepare a final project for their portfolios. Projects include writing and producing promotions, stories, and even full-length documentaries or magazines.

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