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Bureau Natasha Chamba Bulavaio
LISTED Hospitality Group, African Sun (Pvt) Limited, says his business has grown since last year in response to positive business moods in a new release.

The group was established in 1968 and operates a number of hotels, resorts, casinos and timer operations in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Chief Executive Officer Edwin Shangva told our Bureau of Bureau that the company's business benefited from the new tourist visits recorded last year, based on renewed confidence in the wider tourism industry.

"Business activity last year was 59%. One of the highest employment we have achieved for a very long time and we are quite happy as a company that jumped 50%. Our subsidiary, Victoria Falls, has the highest employment, "he said.

"The company was not only helped with the new tourist visits registered last year but also helped us to arrive at the new dispensation. This has resulted in trust and value in our market. "

On Tuesday, the group donated kitchen equipment to the Chinchoy University of Technology and the Bulawyo School of Hospitality to a function that took place at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Ascot. Mr. Shangwa said their company is in the process of renovating their hotels to meet international standards. He said the band also released a new product in Caribbean and Victoria Falls, targeting mainly foreigners and low-budget people.

"What is unique about our resorts in Caribbean and Victoria Falls is that we are introducing a new product there. We build so-called campsites aimed at low-budget people, packers who like to travel and foreigners who enjoy themselves outdoors, "he said.

Meanwhile, the company said it was in a good position to generate enough revenue this year to maintain its operations. In the group's financial results for the period ending December 2018, the company said growth opportunities were high by using the government's latest fiscal and monetary policies.

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