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Afternoon nap can improve IQ, mood and behavior in older children

Studies from the University of Pennsylvania highlight the many benefits associated with childhood drowsiness. The large study includes about 3,000 children in China who are found to have less problems with problematic behavior as well as improvements in their school performance, Clothes should not be held every day to experience the benefits.

It is known that sniffing, in addition to giving parents an important break from childcare duties, alleviates the mood and behavioral problems of young children. The new study offers a more precise look at these benefits, detailing the potential positive effects in older children who are sleeping. The children included in the study are in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades aged 10 to 12 years.

According to the study, children who took the lunch break at least three times a week for 30 to 60 minutes had a 7.6 percent improvement in their school performance. Additionally, these children have improved mood, which includes better self-control, higher levels of happiness, and increased grain. At the same time, behavioral problems are diminishing.

In addition, researchers noted a higher IQ for children resting several times a week; the study found that this difference was greatest in children who were in the sixth grade. In contrast, lack of adequate sleep previously involved various issues, including concentration problems, increased risk of depression, behavioral problems and other possible consequences.

The findings hint at the potential benefits children can experience if they are allowed to take part in lunch for older adults. Although some countries encourage to cope with older children, such as the 10-year-olds and the 12-year-olds in this study, others see socially disadvantaged as being reserved for young children and very young children, and this may ultimately be to the detriment.

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