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Anne Hathaway reveals her heartbreaking struggles for conception


Hollywood starlet Anne Hathaway opened up about her fight for conception and called for more people to speak on the subject.

The actor was angry that she was pregnant with her second child in July by sharing a photo of her and her hammer.

She captioned the black-and-white picture: "For all who go through infertility and conception, please know that this is not a straight line on any of my pregnancies. I send you extra love. "

The post and the accompanying gut sign were met with a very positive response, with thousands of fans praising her for speaking on such a sensitive topic and opening a channel for dialogue.

Ann shared this photo of her pregnancy message last month, but her caption explained fertility issues

In a speech to the Daily Mail, he now explained that he shared his personal struggle for conception in the hope that it would help other women, adding, "this is something that people don't talk about."

The 36-year-old said she felt "embarrassed" every time she tried to get pregnant and fail, just to see how others succeed.

When she finally conceived, she felt that her baby's picture needed a little more, and decided to share her private hell.

She added: "When I was writing this post, I was thinking of the follower to whom I could relate, the woman who is in hell on the subject and cannot understand why this is not happening for her.

The actress admits that she is struggling to conceive both of her babies

"She will see my message and, while I understand she will be happy for me, I also know that something about it will make her feel worse.

"I just wanted to say, 'Look, it wasn't as easy for me as it seems. "

She said she also wants to be "more sensitive" to women who are struggling and feeling "isolated and alone".

Anne and her husband Adam Schulman, an actor who became a jewelry designer, have been married since 2012.

Anne and Adam married in Big Sur, CA in September 2012.

They are already parents to three-year-old Jonathan, and although she has not confirmed her date, it is believed that Anne has been pregnant for about four months with her second child.

And while Anne openly admits that she had significant difficulties conceiving the two children, she decided to keep the exact details of her struggles.

The actress hopes her honest post will help more people talk openly about fertility issues

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She also shook off the stigma that surrounds fertility problems, saying that sometimes it feels like a "conspiracy" that people should focus on the "happy moment" when they get pregnant.

Ann said the world can sometimes be "actively injured" for women experiencing fertility problems.

She added that she had gone through difficult times, listening to stories from other women who also had similar problems, though her "heart broke" for them.

According to the NHS, approximately one in seven couples may have difficulty conceiving.

The NHS also suggested that trying for a baby should see a GP if they failed to conceive after a year.

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