Monday , June 21 2021

Apple's next event will be in March, according to Quartz

If you've felt that there have been centuries since Apple announced something, you probably have to relax, but also enjoy! The company plans to host an event to launch the product in California on March 25, BuzzFeed said on Feb. 12. It's only six short weeks.

The company is expected to present new subscription news services, says BuzzFeed. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier today (paywall) that many publishers are cautious about the upcoming Apple service of $ 10 a month, which will bring news from the backpacks on multiple sites in one channel as the company apparently wants 50% of subscription revenue.

As iPhone sales soften, Apple is becoming increasingly dependent on growing business services, including iCloud storage, Apple Music, AppleCare, and app sales and content sales. The company is expected to release a streaming video service complete with original content by Steven Spielberg and Oprah in the near future. It is unclear whether this service will be ready for the spring event and whether it will be supported by any new hardware.

Last year's March event took place at a state school in Chicago and focused on the iPad and its role in education, so it's not unprecedented that Apple will host an event just around a relatively niche.

Apple has refused to comment on today's news report.

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