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Australian Open 2019 LIVE Tennis Results: Day Four, Konta and Djokovic in action in Melbourne

Murray can still come back after surgery, Brian says

Bob Brian, who returns to play tennis five months after that Andy Murray thinks, believes the Scot can come back to tennis, following his example.

"Personally, I think he can do it," said Brian here at the Australian Open.

Brian was in regular contact with Murray and recommended to him a surgeon in New York, Dr. Edwin Su (right), who operates the 40-year-old American in August. He said Murray had already spoken to Dr. Su.

"Seeing Andy Murray feels a bit horrible with me," Brian said after winning his first Grand Slam match with his twin brother Mike from last year's Australian Open. "I'd like to see him do such a surgery, feel the relief he gives. I think our thighs are quite similar: just worn out without cartilage.

Pair specialist Brian said he was on crutches two weeks after surgery, but he did not feel any pain when he went again. "I just say to Andy," I feel great, my quality of life is great, the practices are going well. "Maybe I'm not 100% yet, but I'm only five months old, doctors say it's more than seven or eight months until you feel perfectly.

Like Murray, Brian had trouble even walking after suffering a trauma last year. He tried to avoid surgery, but after trying out other options, including stem cell injections, he decided to go along this path.

"I believed in Doctor Su," Brian added. – I said, "Open me." Then I felt better. Just give me at least one goal. It did not seem to me to be a bad hip. It's called artificial implantation. This is a complete replacement. It has a band that runs along the entire length of the femur, but it is rather a sporty, high-performance, smaller metal implant.

Brian said Murray had watched me as a hawk, asking me how I felt after games, after practices where I was … just trying to figure out how long it would take if that procedure was an option. "

Sanding involves removing the damaged surface in the hip and replacing it with a smooth, artificial film.

Murray, who left here today after his defeat in the first round on Monday, said he was "likely" going to have surgery hoping to ease the pain he has suffered since he hurt his hip more than 18 months ago.

He also admits that the operation can mean that he will never play tennis at the highest level anymore.

From Dr. Su, Brian (right) said: "He is the only person who has professional athletes back in their profession. He is the only person who has returned them to the highest level. He made a baseball man, an NBA man and a hockey player. There is still no tennis player until I come back.

But Brian admitted singing singles was a "different monster." He said, "These boys really glide around, killing four hours. Who knows if this link will stay? It will not break, but who knows if you have this little explosive that should be super-fast in court? If you are a step slow, there is a lot of exposure. "

Brian said Murray has done a lot of research on hip injury. "He is extremely educated on this issue," he said. "No one has done more research on hips, doctors. He knew my doctor inside and outside, all the cases. Man is well aware of the hypothesis of the operation. He will do the best for him. He no longer wants to lame.

Brian said he would not underestimate Murray with regard to the work he will put into rehabilitation after surgery. "You look at the great workers in history: Landl, Courier, Roddick. This guy might be even a step up from these guys.

"I think it's up to the point where this is probably his last chance. I'd like to see him do it just for the quality of life. You can sleep, walk, be with your children, play. This is disappointing when you can not put on your shoes.

Brian said he had watched Murray play the game here on Monday. "I was stifled when she announced her retirement," he added.

"I stayed until three o'clock in the morning, watching all the respect in the social media.
"That really terrifies me. He is a special person. No one has a heart like him. "

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