Wednesday , June 16 2021

BioWare "is definitely not done with Mass Effect"

The future of science-fiction RPG series BioWare Mass Effect is already in the air. After the sluggish acceptance of Mass Effect Andromeda in 2017, BioWare Montreal became a "support studio" while the series was released for an indefinite period – which fans questioned whether we would ever see another Mass Effect game.

However, thanks to Polygon's studio profile (through PCGamer), we now know that the future is not too dark for Commander Shepherd and the crew. Maybe we do not see him come back for a while.

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On the issue of the Mass Effect series, BioWare CEO Mark Dara has assured fans that the developer has not yet finished the franchise.

"We're definitely not done with Mass Effect," Darra told Polygon. "There are many stories to tell, we can pull out the threads we put with Andromeda, we can pull out threads from Mass Effect 3. There's a lot of interesting space that needs to be explored.

Photo credit: BioWare

In addition, BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson reiterated the intention of the team to return to the series whenever possible.

"It's very alive in my mind," Hudson explained to Poligon. "I keep thinking about things that I think will be great. The point is to go back to him as soon as we can.

However, we can wait a while, as BioWare is currently focusing on launching the online multiplayer shooter Anthem and the upcoming Dragon Age title. So do not hold your breath ….

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