Sunday , July 3 2022

Brexit, GAA World Games and unusual wedding traditions abroad


The sun is (mostly) lit for more than 1000 people who have traveled from all over the world to play at this year's GAA World Games in Ireland this week. We tracked the action as more than 80 teams struggled with it in throwing, camogie and football before the finals at Croke Park in Dublin today. Best of luck to all involved. We also had a look back how Irish immigrants first shared their sporting passions and GAA skills.

In the United States, Irish Keith Byrne was released from prison following a court ruling and reunited with his family. However, he is still upright deportation proceedings, Byrne was jailed as part of a crackdown on Donald Trump last month against illegal immigration. In Brexit News, the United Kingdom is currently committed to opposing Dublin and Brussels on a withdrawal agreement that would ensure the UK's exit from the EU properly. An English journalist who has lived in Ireland for many years wrote in a Eurosceptic newspaper that Taoiseh Leo Varadkar and Foreign Minister Simon Coveney were "insecure fools" acting as "free children" in the destruction of Anglo-Irish relations, We will keep you safe updated,

In something completely different was one of our most popular articles this week unusual wedding traditions around the world: "Cut off the groom's socks." Irish Times readers abroad have shared some strange, fun and wonderful stories about weddings abroad. Dr. Diarmuid McCoy, originally from Bantry, Co. Cork and now lives in Geelon, Australia, has written for work as a pain medicine doctor. He also says he misses Ireland the most: sunsets over Bantry Bay, brown bread and sharp Irish wit.

Also popular this week was a story by Gavin Brennan, a writer from Claremorris, Co Mayo, on belly in Hanoi works as a teacher. And an article about justice being sought for Irishman Albert Black hanged in New Zealand for killing a person in self-defense in 1955.

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