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Cheryl swaps numbers with Radio One listener after 'sharing a love of roast potatoes'

Radio One DJ Nick Grimshaw has taken it on himself to find Cheryl a new love and he was thrilled when his matchmaking showed signs of being successful.

What Cheryl could do for Cheryl in the dating scene, ended with her swapping numbers with a potential suitor, as the singer revealed that she does not want to date a 'famous' person next time .

Appearing on Grimmy's Drivetime Show, Cheryl was given the opportunity to listen to a 'romance CV' sent by a fan of the show and their love of roast potatoes seemed to be a way into Cheryl's heart.

Nick Grimshaw looked to find Cheryl and new love

Describing the listener as 'physically fit', 'holding a UK driving license' and 'coming with his own transport', it was enough for the Greatest Dancer coach to want to know more.

In fact, the 35-year-old went a step further and asked to get through to Chris so she could grill him about his 'love CV'.

Cheryl asked: "I was just wondering what kind of car you are picking up in?"

Reluctant but unperturbed, Chris replied: "It's a Volkswagen Golf."

Cheryl was impressed by a caller's prowess in the kitchen

This was a tick in the box for Cheryl, as she remarked, "We like that."

With Chris listing 'giving compliments' as one of his love skills set, Nick urged him to roll out his best for Cheryl.

He put it on thick, saying: "Cheryl you are the most kind, kind-hearted, kindest soul that is ever out there possible."

Well, it worked and Cheryl was reeled in by her potential date, who described himself as "6'1, very athletic, with dark hair and piercing brown eyes".

A big tick would be his prowess in the kitchen and Chris went big with what he would produce for Cheryl if she came to tea.

The way to Cheryl's heart is with a bowl of roast potatoes

He revealed: "I would cook you a three course meal and you could choose anything you want and I would learn how to cook it.

"My specialty is probably a roast dinner."

A tempted Cheryl joked: "Me too, I love a roast dinner. We could have a roast potato off."

The roast potato is not often the key to securing a date, but after Grimmy asked if this was enough info for Cheryl to pass over her number and to his surprise, she agreed.

Let's hope that Chris can produce perfect crispy roasties that will cement his chances of turning one date into a blossoming relationship.

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