Friday , July 30 2021

Children under two have no screen time at all 1 NEWS NOW

A new report, published by the World Health Organization, recommends that all children under the age of two do not have time on screen.

The report provides recommendations on activity levels, sleep time and screen.

For children aged between two and four years, it is said that the time on the screen is limited to one hour a day and less is better.

Concerns about screen time comes from children who are less active, which is related to gaining weight and disease later in life.

The report specifically talks about the jammed screen time when kids are just plonked in front of the TV or screen.

Some experts say it's a very simple point of view on what's happening.

Teacher and Mom Paula Morton says, "He [her son] not just sitting there and going out of the area, and his brain is happening at the same time, so in this sense it is very useful. I do not know how we would have dinner, cook and clean if there was nothing to watch.

Jenny Griggs is also a mother and a nurse and says it's up to the parent to decide.

"I think it is up to you as a parent to decide for their children what they need and what is best for them."

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